A Rewarding Experience: eclicktech X CGTN Wins the Award at the 2023 CIFTIS

640 (2)On September 6, the 2023 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) was successfully concluded, bringing together participants from over 80 countries and international organizations. The event remains committed to high-level opening-up and inclusive development of the world economy. The 2023 CIFTIS exhibition area spans from the China National Convention Center to Shougang Park in Beijing. Besides, it features a comprehensive exhibition along with nine thematic ones, integrating forums with business negotiations and adopting an “offline + online” format. As one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive fairs for trade in services, CIFTIS serves as a vital platform for expanding opening-up, deepening cooperation, and leading the way for innovation. It will build consensus, strengthen confidence, and pool efforts for the development of the global service sector and trade in services.

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As the sole participant representing Shaanxi in the annual themed exhibition, eclicktechshowcased its technological achievementsin AIGC digital marketing, with special focus on the latest application of KreadoAI, and comprehensive solutions for global expansion of Chinese enterprises. On September 4, the 2023 CIFTIS unveiled a series of service demonstration cases, and eclicktech was honored with the Global Service Practice Cases for its outstanding global promotion services that successfully helped CGTN expand globally.

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As a multi-platform international organization of media convergence, CGTN aims to provide global audiences with accurate and timely news coverage, multi-language audiovisual services, novel topics, a voice of the international communication as well as authentic and careful records, promoting communication and understanding between China and the world, and functioning as a channel for the world to learn about China. In the post-COVID-19 world, the international geopolitical order and global economic landscape are undergoing unprecedented changes. The complex international environment makes CGTN face the challenge of presenting China globally in a more appealing way.

eclicktech, as CGTN’s core partner in overseas promotion, leverages mainstream global social media platforms to track current affairs. Through this strategy, eclicktech has helped CGTN generate a total exposure of 4 billion impressions across all channels. Moreover, eclicktech has conducted target audience testing for overseas social media operations, ensuring daily updates of promoted posts while significantly reducing costs of follower growth and engagement. Take the Arabic channel as an example, eclicktech has utilized integrated traffic to generate 34.3 million clicks to CGTN’s website since Q1 2020, resulting in a click-through rate of 1.1%, greatly surpassing the industry average, and reducing click costs by 50%.In 2021, CGTN achieved a 38%[xss_clean_space]decrease in channel traffic costs, increased over 2.36 million followers on Meta, witnessed a 19% increase in social media engagement, and expanded promotional channels to over 20 languages.

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In recent years, the rapid innovation of technologies such as the internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain has been promoting the development and transformation of cultural exportation and trade in services. The advancement of new technologies like digital technology has not only brought about new products and services, but also opened new opportunities for services trade. eclicktech, as a global leading provider of intelligent marketing services, follows the “dual circulation” strategy and focuses on the development of digital economy. eclicktech is dedicated to providing its clients with global marketing and promotion services, helping them effectively acquire users, enhance brand awareness, facilitate monetization, and promote the application and innovation of digital technologies in international marketing. The digital marketing has promoted in-depth integration of traditional industries and foreign trade. eclicktech was honored as one of the national-level e-commerce demonstration bases with its innovative advantage in serving the export-oriented economy through digital technologies and in promoting the high-quality development of international cultural trade through digital marketing. Since 2019, eclicktech has been selected as national key cultural export enterprises for three consecutive years.

As important engines driving global economic growth, the global services sector and trade in services are moving towards digitalization, intelligence, and greening. As China continuously advances high-level opening-up and promotes high-quality development and modernization drive, the “circle of friends” of the CIFTIS is getting bigger and bigger, showcasing its higher-level of internalization and specialization. The 2023 CIFTIS has highlighted its role as a key platform for technological innovations and new business models. eclicktech was completely inspired and its latest AIGC digital marketing technology, KreadoAI, has been recognized by partners from various industries, leaving a mark of technological innovation from western China. eclicktech has developed the unique strengths in the process of partnering over 5,000 Chinese enterprises in going global. Moving forward, eclicktech will continue to actively contribute to the development of Chinese modernization, leading the world with AIGC. It aims to promote the integrated development of the upstream and downstream of industrial chains, as well as large, medium, and small enterprises. eclicktech also looks for solidarity and cooperation with other sectors so as to make the “pie” bigger and bigger, share new opportunities, accelerate establishment of a new development pattern, and promote high-quality development of foreign trade.

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