Brand Logo

Standard drawing and colors

The eclicktech logo is a balanced entirety composed of a graph and letters, and its shape and proportion cannot be changed. Besides, the logo is composed of [extreme blue] and [energetic yellow]. Except for the inverse colors (pure black, pure white), no single color or changed color can be used.

Restricted area and minimum size

In the brand logo of eclicktech, the height and width of the restricted area are consistent with the fixed-width section of “h” (see the right diagram). If the logo size is changed, the size of the restricted area shall be changed correspondingly. No disturbing elements such as text, symbol, or pattern shall appear on the restricted area.

* The minimum size shall not less than 4mm because it’s hard to identify any logo less than the size.


Joint logo with partners and customers

The “brand name combinations” of the brand logos of partners and customers are adjusted, and the height of the logo shall be restricted to “a” for combined applications.

A 1/4x space mark shall be used as the connection between the eclicktech logo and that of any partner, and the connection distance is 4x.

Brand ColorThe [EXTREME BLUE] representing dreams and pursuits and the [ENERGETIC YELLOW] representing power jointly shape the brand color of eclicktech Group.


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