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Diversified, open, inclusive and respectful corporate culture. Systematic, professional and flattening management. Help everyone develop and thrive in the group.

    Team work, concerted efforts, reliability
    Proactive, dedicated and ready for challenges
    Learning ability
    Continuous study, pursuit for innovation and breakthrough, quick thinking
    Efficient implementation, achievement-orientation, pursuit for excellence.
  • Encourage the growth of everyone, and respect the choice of everyone

    As an inclusive platform, eclicktech encourages the growth of each student, and respect the choice of each student. Efforts will never chat,and you will get in reward for the hard work.

    VP of eclicktech | Herbert
  • Open and flexible corporate culture hep me identify my path of career development.

    As a beginner for cross-industry business, we could only perfect ourselves and get achievements through painstaking efforts. Sometimes, painstaking efforts do not always lead to success. However, in the process, we will significantly improve our will, and promote us to bravely confront all difficulties.

    Senior Manager for eclicktech | Chris
  • Keep the aspiration to new knowledge, and change its contact as an opportunity of progress.

    The guidance and encourage of tutors and patient explanations of colleagues hep me open the first chapter for the work in eclicktech. I get rapid growth from these practices. Like a little star, I also start contributing to the team.

    Assistant to Director of eclicktech | Ivy
  • The life with tutors is very comfortable, and they are easy-going and take every detail count in work.

    From each cadre of the department, you could find unique highlights, which are the heritage of our department. Under the support of eclicktech staff for generations, I keep growing, practicing and upgrading, and becoming better and better.

    Overseas Key Account Senior Manager of eclicktech | Alex


Domestic Business Manager

Job duties: 
1. Handle the market development and marketing of domestic advertisers of games and tools, implement the marketing plans of the company;
2Deal with the business negotiations, plans, contract signing, follow-up, and settlements of projects; 
3Establish in-depth partnerships with customers, and solve all problems and overcome all challenges during marketing;
4Understand and explore the in-depth demands of various industries and potential customers, provide marketing programs suitable for customers, and have strong customer management awareness.

1Bachelor’s degree or above, over 3 years of experience, experience in online advertising marketing, Toutiao, and Kuaishou will be preferred; 
2With favorable communication ability and skills, clear logical thoughts, and distinct objectives; 
3With abilities for business negotiations, and be able to work under pressure and meet challenges;
4Have strong executive force, learning ability, teamwork, project management ability, and self-motivation.

Overseas APP Optimizer

Job duties: 
1. Perform overseas marketing and promotion for customers via Facebook, Google, Tiktok, and other platforms;
2. Establish promotion strategies and programs based on customers’ overall marketing objectives, and deal with routine business and affairs;
3. Deal with the advertising, data analysis, and effect optimization of Facebook, Google, Tiktok and other platforms, be responsible for the optimization effects and KPI, communicate and cooperate with the fine arts team to provide novel, fruitful creative ideas and advertising materials;
4. Master the latest changes of overseas marketing channels, and try new marketing ways actively. 

1. Bachelor’s degree or above; 
2. One year of experience in advertising on Facebook, Google, Tiktok, and practical experience in the overseas promotion of several products; 
3. With outstanding quick learning ability and self-directed learning spirits, excellent logical thinking ability and data analysis ability;
4. With strong communication skills and flexible adaptation and good ability to solve problems independently;
5Rich experience in promoting mobile games and well-known Apps is preferred;
6CET-4, CET-6 or equivalent preferred.

Overseas E-commerce Advertising Optimizer

Job duties: 
1. Perform the advertising operation of customers going global on Google/Facebook and Tiktok;
2. Have a better understanding of customers’ products and markets, analyze and explore potential consumers and their preferences, and establish marketing strategies and programs based on the overall marketing objectives of customers;
3. Monitor and analyze advertising data, promptly adjust optimization strategies and ways, and achieve marketing objectives;
4. Communicate with customers, explore their demands, provide feedback, and put forward suggestions;
5. Understand industry and media trends, and keep trying new thoughts and strategies.

1. Excellent learning ability, good logical thoughts and data analysis ability; 
2. With strong communication skills and flexible adaptation and good ability to analyze and solve problems independently; 
3. Outstanding time management and execution, be able to control advertising progress;
4. Bachelor’s degree or above, CET-4 or above, good reading and writing ability;
5Proficient use of MS-Office and Excel;
6Have certain understanding and insights on Internet and E-commerce.

Domestic Advertising Optimizer

Job duties: 
1. Establish and implement advertising plans, extract advertising data reports, analyze advertising effects and optimize relevant strategies;
2. Coordinate with advertising materials, assist, track, and optimize the design and establishment of creative advertising;
3. Be sensitive to data, analyze advertising data, and apply the results.

1. Experience in advertising our agents (Oceanengine, Kuaishou, Tencent Social Ads) preferred; 
2. Down-to-earth, responsible, and patient;
3. Proficient English oral/written ability preferred;
4. Bachelor’s degree or above, CET-4 or above, good reading and writing ability;
5Excellent communication and coordination ability, good at learning novel things.

Overseas Advertisement Designer

Job duties: 
1. Produce E-commerce advertising materials for Facebook/Google/Tiktok;
2. With good innovation awareness, develop creative strategies and design advertising pictures and videos to attract consumers;
3. Communicate with optimizers and determine the orientation of creative ideas and design details, provide the feedback on material effects and plans on a regular basis;
4. Design materials based on product styles, relevant regions, and platform features, and be responsible for the exposure rates and page views of relevant advertisements;
5. Deal with other work related to artistic design. 

1. Expertise in visual communication/animation; 
2. Proficient use of PS/AI, and certain type setting and color matching ability; 
3. Proficient use of AE/PR, have strong editing and special effect production ability;
4. Have outstanding communication, execution, and teamwork ability;
5Be sensitive to creative ideas, and know how to attract consumers;
6Have passions for design and have certain innovation awareness.

Domestic Advertisement Designer

Job duties: 
1. Produce the short advertising videos of games, tools, social and educational products to be advertised on Tiktok, Kuaishou, and other platforms;
2. Research the features and selling points of mobile Apps and games to produce advertising materials and appealing playing methods;
3. Adjust the perspectives of advertising videos based on optimizers’ feedback and advertising performance to promote advertising effects;
4. Participate in the filming, revision, and editing of video scripts.

1. Good at producing videos and proficient use of Pr, AE, PS, and Ai; 
2. Skilled video editing, be able to finish video editing, special effects, post-production, music, sound effect, and subtitle independently; 
3. Experience in producing App videos for games, tools;
4. Have certain fine arts skills and artistic appreciation ability; have certain ability in writing texts;
5Familiar with domestic short video platforms like Tiktok, Kuaishou, understand these platforms and user features, and have actual experience in video production or filming;
6Be active, precise, careful, responsible, and pioneering.

Operation and Maintenance Engineer

Job duties: 
1. Deal with the upgrade, expansion, resource management, and optimization of the company’s operation and maintenance system, provide network and service platforms with high automation;
2. Perform the routine operation and maintenance, performance analysis, service monitoring, and alarm handling of the application systems and keep improving the operation efficiency of these systems through automatic processes;
3. Fully communicate with the R & D team to enhance the robustness and stability of the products;
4. Have the ability to handle operation and maintenance responses, establish corresponding emergency plans, and guarantee the reliable operation of the operation and maintenance systems;
5. Participate in the design/review/optimization of existing operation and maintenance system architectures and keep upgrading such systems;
6. Provide and implement plans of software environment, load, and disaster recovery for the business systems.

1. Bachelor’s degree in computer or relevant fields, over 3 years of experience in Internet operation and maintenance; 
2. Familiar with cloud computing products and services such as AWS and Alibaba Cloud; 
3. Familiar with commonly-used web servers such as Nginx, resin, and Tomcat;
4. Proficient in Linux management and optimization, and familiar with script languages like Shell/Python;
5Familiar with relevant technology including distributed storage, clustering, database cache, and CDN;
6Experience in server monitoring alarming tools like zabbix and automation configuration tool like SaltStack preferred;
7. Have outstanding communication skills and execution, be active for work, implement operation and maintenance specifications in all processes, and effectively monitor the execution of R & D team in the above specifications;
8. Have strong responsibility and teamwork spirit, strong owner awareness for relevant work, and sustainable self-motivation.

Big Data Operation and Maintenance Engineer

Job duties: 
1. Perform the Hadoop cluster planning and management and guarantee its high reliability;
2. Effectively optimize the MR operation/computing framework/storage technology of HADOOP platform, improve the cluster throughput, and lower the cost;
3. Perform the routine monitoring, data backup, data monitoring, alarming, and fault handling of Hadoop and other business systems;
4. Research technology related to operation & maintenance, establish technical programs based on system demands, and develop automatic tools and auxiliary systems;
5. Research operation & maintenance technology related to big data, continuously optimize clustering service architecture, and explore new big data operation and maintenance technology and development directions. 

1. Over 5 years of experience in operation, maintenance, or development, including 3 years of experience in big data or data warehouse;
2. Familiar with open source projects like Hadoop/Hbase/Hive/Impala/Flume/Zookeeper/Spark/ELK, and experience in patch source code preferred; 
3. Experience in the use and management of AWS or other cloud platforms;
4. Proficient in the configuration, management, and optimization of Linux operating system, be able to find and solve operation system problems independently;
5Proficient in one of script languages such as Perl/Python/Shell;
6.Experience in HADOOP development, testing, operation, maintenance, and application in any large Internet company, proficiency in source code preferred.

Senior JAVA Developer

Job duties: 
1. Participate in the system building of owner modules or systems, make system designs, organize team execution, and get good results;
2. Analyze the deficiencies of existing systems, make and implement programs to optimize the models, designs, and performance for the systems.

1. Solid programming foundation, proficient in JAVA, jvm, and web development, knowing go programming is preferred; 
2. About 4 years of experience in development, proficient in mainstream open source framework related to Java EE, such as Spring, iBatis, and struts; 
3. Have a good understanding of enterprise application design models, have good business modeling ability, and be able to abstract business models based on business scenarios;
4. Familiar with distributed systems and core technology like message-oriented middleware and remote procedure call, and experience in designing, developing large distributed, high concurrency, high load, high performance, and high availability systems preferred;
5Familiar with currently developed applications for distributed platforms of big data, including but not limited to hadoop, storm, spark, and druid;
6Understand the algorithms of data mining and machine learning, and experience in large search engines, recommendation systems, and advertising systems preferred. 

Product Manager

Job duties: 
1. Track online advertising technology and application trends, grasp product development, make product planning, and promote project implementation;
2. Design systematic product programs based on the product demands of upstream and downstream advertising clients to improve the operation efficiency and profitability;
3. Deal with the upgrade and iteration of advertising alliance and DSP products, determine staged product and project objectives, and coordinate the technology and business teams to achieve relevant objectives. 

1. 3 years of experience in advertising platforms, recommendation systems, or Internet business product manager; 
2. With abundant experience in Internet business analysis, survey of competitive products, product planning, and implementation; 
3. With acute market insights, logical analysis ability, and outstanding communication and coordination skills;
4. Technical background or experience in products related to data analysis preferred;
5.Good command of English listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Senior Containerization Development Engineer

Job duties: 
1. Develop containerized platforms and maintain container clusters;
2. Provide support for containerized products, and promote the application of container technology in production environment;
3. Research and optimize key Docker technology to achieve the load balancing and performance improvement of dynamic containers;
4. Develop and maintain choreography service frameworks such as Kubernetes, and write relevant technical documents.

1. Bachelor’s degree or above in computer or relevant fields; 
2. Have a better understanding on container technology including kubernetes, docker, and familiar with cloud native ecosystem; 
3. Grasp the choreography service framework such as kubernetes, mesos, and be able to perform secondary development for them;
4. Proficient in Java/Spring development, and experience in developing Golang, Python preferred;
5Familiar with the ecosystem of Docker, and have keen interests in container technology;
6Familiar with AWS services, and experience in large cluster system operation and maintenance preferred;
7. Over 5 years of experience in software development or system operation and maintenance.

Senior System Security Engineer

Job duties: 
1. Perform the security system evaluation, analysis, and penetration testing of the company’s business system and in-house information systems;
2. Promote and improve the construction and implementation of the Development-Security-Operation (DevSecOps) system;
3. Fully communicate with the R & D team to enhance the security and stability of the products;
4. Maintain the firewalls for the company’s internal and external systems;
5. Deal with emergency security events and support routine security;
6. Focus on industry security trends, prevent potential risks, and lower the security risks of relevant systems.

1. Bachelor’s degree or above in computer or information security, over 3 years of experience in penetration testing; 
2. Familiar with the types and principles of security vulnerabilities; 
3. Familiar with mainstream security technology and deployment programs for commonly-used security products (firewalls, anti-virus, intrusion detection, and vulnerability scanning);
4. Familiar with at least one of programming languages such as Java/Python/PHP;
5With favorable communication skills and execution, be active in work;
6Certificate such as CISSP, CISP, ISO27001 LA, or CCNP or experience in any security position at any Internet company is preferred;
Have strong responsibility, favorable teamwork spirit, strong owner awareness, and sustainable self-motivation.



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