Outstanding Effects Based on Technology

Based on intelligent business systems and platforms, we help our clients develop advertising decisions,and efficiently purchase users’ traffic to help such clients achieve ideal marketing effects.

Conversions of business effects including Apps installations, user registration, and sales
Independent devices are covered
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Global Thoughts for Localization Results

With abundant digital marketing experience in localization and in-depth overseas marketing expertise, we provide clients with creative strategies, public relations, media launches, and event execution.

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Partnerships with Global Top Media

We have established stable partnerships with top media and their agents, such as Google, Facebook, Ocean Engine, Kuaishou, Apple Ads, Twitter, Pinterest, Microsoft. With our outstanding service ability and favorable reputation, we have been fully recognized by prestigious companies including Alibaba, Tencent, Netease, ByteDance, Kuaishou, and iQiyi.

Country and Region
Global Customers
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  • Develop domestic marketing business

  • Reach in-depth cooperation with Ocean Engine, Juliang Qianchuan, Kuaishou and other domestic Top media platforms

  • Won the Silver Award of the Overseas Group of Golden Investment Awards

  • Became a member of China Advertising Association

  • Became a member of  Mobile Marketing Association China

  • Won the 9th TopDigital Annual Marketing Service Company and Annual Special Award

  • Won the SMARTIES CHINA Wireless Marketing Award Gold Award

  • Listed in the "Unicorn Enterprises of China" again

  • Won the "Alibaba 2020 Best Supplier of the Year"

  • Won the ROI FESTIVAL Overseas Group Bronze Award

  • Won the Ocean Engine "Channel Annual  Breakthrough Partner"

  • Won the Ocean Engine "Channel Annual Service Contribution Partner"

  • Won the Morketing "2020 Top Ten Global Marketing Service Platforms"

  • Won the SMARTIES CHINA2020 Sea Marketing Excellence Award

  • For two consecutive years, it was selected as one of the "Top 100 Chinese Software Enterprises"

  • The Indian project was selected as one of the 100 cases of the "Silk Belt and Road Initiative" in the electronic information industry in 2019 to promote

  • Selected as one of the national key cultural export enterprises and projects

  • Awarded Google's "2019 Online Expansion Mobile Application Award and Export Business Award-B2C"

  • Awarded Ocean Engine's "2019 Overseas Elite Partner"

  • Awarded the "2019 Top 100 Chinese Digital Service and Service Outsourcing Leading Enterprises"

  • Selected "China Unicorn Enterprise"

  • Won Google Chinese mainland "Mobile Advertising Innovation Award"

  • Won Google Chinese mainland "Online Business Expansion Award-B2C Export and Foreign Trade Field"

  • Joined IAB Tech Lab to Participate in Developing Digital Advertising Industry Standards

  • Won Facebook's "China Quality Advertising Partner"

  • Global Mobile Advertising Platform Ranking Released, Ranked Top 1 in Asia

  • Won "Most Influential Cross-border E-commerce Marketing Service Provider"

  • Landing National Equities Exchange and Quotations

  • Launched YeahTargeter e-commerce remarketing and other technical products

  • Won Google's "Best Mobile Channel Partner in Mainland China"

  • Won Google's "Fastest Growth Core Partner in  China"

  • Won Google's "Best Mobile Advertising Service Core Partner in Mainland China"

  • Won "IDG Best Overseas Mobile Marketing Channel of the Year"

  • Cooperation with Russia's largest social network VKontakte

  • Cooperation with high-quality enterprises such as Baidu and 360

  • Develop overseas marketing business



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