TopDigital Innovation Ceremony ends in 2021, eclicktech wins 2 awards

On July 7, the TopDigital Innovation Marketing Award list, which has attracted much attention from the industry, was officially announced, and the award ceremony was held in Shanghai. eclicktech stood out with two outstanding works, and won two awards, "Special Award of the Year" and "Institution Award of the Year" in the TopDigital special competition unit.

TopDigital Innovation Marketing Award is an authoritative award focusing on brand creation and product innovation in the field of digital marketing. This year, the TopDigital Innovation Marketing Award received a total of 2832 works submitted by 651 participating companies. After nine years of precipitation, TopDigital has become an innovation vane in the marketing field.

This award is not only an affirmation of eclicktech's outstanding performance in overseas marketing, but also a high recognition of the influence of eclicktech in the industry.

BLACKHEAD uses innovative marketing methods to drive user and sales growth

This year, eclicktech participated in TopDigital's DTC marketing category and won the annual special award. The award aims to recognize marketing cases that use innovative marketing methods for user growth and product sales.

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As the representative brand of Y2K dark style accessories, BLACKHEAD has been deeply cultivated in the country for 9 years. Its brand tonality that integrates youth subculture and asexualism has aroused the resonance of more and more young people, with sales at an average annual rate of 50%. Growth, about 30 offline stores spread across the country, and will officially begin to deploy overseas markets in 2020.

The eclicktech BrandLab team, as the sole marketing trader of BLACKHEAD going overseas, follows the logic of concept-visual-sales in the layout of the overseas route, from the initial clear audience positioning to upgrading the product website, and then to social and celebrity marketing.

In just one year, BLACKHEAD has helped it complete the first product experience of users in 90+ countries under the situation of its overseas brand recognition. The number of visits to the overseas official website has increased by 15 times, the website sales have increased by 85%, and the repurchase rate has been increased. Reached 30%, Instagram followers also rose from 800 to 35k.

Seeing this, you must be wondering how BLACKHEAD has achieved such results in a short period of time? An article published last month may tell you the answer: from blackheads to the explosive growth of BLACKHEAD jewelry, what did they do right?

BLACKHEAD is a typical representative of many DTC brands served by eclicktech. While ensuring the healthy development of the company through performance marketing, it also strengthens the brand layout and realizes the long-term development of the brand. This once again verifies the correctness of the eclicktech product-effect collaborative marketing concept.

Accelerate the progress of the enterprise itself and empower the development of the industry

TopDigital's annual organization awards in 2021 are designed to commend outstanding companies that have made important achievements and contributions to the industry this year. It can be seen that eclicktech has been accelerating its own development and deepening its business at home and abroad in the past year.


At the beginning of last year, we joined hands with Xi’an High-tech Zone to jointly build China’s Xi’an Overseas Industrial Park to help more Chinese companies and Chinese brands go abroad and enter the world; in July last year, with a valuation of 1.1 billion US dollars, it was selected as China's single-player for two consecutive years In September of the same year, eclicktech stood out among tens of thousands of suppliers by virtue of its excellent overseas marketing and promotion service capabilities, and won the Alibaba Group’s "Supplier of the Year" award, becoming the only overseas marketing supplier to win This award-winning company.

In March of this year, eclicktech officially launched its domestic business and reached cooperation with many well-known domestic information streaming platforms such as Giant Engine and Kuaishou. Together with existing media resources such as Google, Facebook, and TikTok, eclicktech has built media resources covering the world. Channel has completed the three-dimensional marketing service layout of enterprises going to sea, going to sea and domestic, providing enterprises with one-stop marketing services on a global scale.

In the future, eclicktech will continue to improve service levels, provide brand owners with more accurate and effective marketing solutions; assist domestic and foreign companies, and continue to empower the development of the industry.

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