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On August 19, eclicktech Network Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter refer to as “eclicktech”, and the stock code is 301171) was officially listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, opening a new chapter for the leapfrog development of the Company.


▲Site of the Listing Ceremony of eclicktech▲

On the listing ceremony, Mr. Hao Huijie, a member of Standing Committee of CPC Provincial Committee of Shaanxi Province and head of Propaganda Department of the CPC Provincial Committee, Mr. Dai Zhengshe, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Provincial People's Congress of Shanaxi Province, Mr. Wang Jide, Secretary and Chairman of the Party Group of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of Shaanxi Province, Mr. Su Huchao, secretary of Party Group and head of Shaanxi Local Finance Supervision and Administration Bureau, Mr. Yao Lijun, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Xi’an and head of Propaganda Department of Municipal Committee of Xi’an, Mr. Ma Yao, a member of the Executive Committee of CITIC Securities and Director of Global Investment Bank Management Committee, Mr. Zou Xiaowu, Chairman of eclicktech, and Mr. Hao Chao, a co-founder of eclicktech, joined together with hit the grand bell for listing. Mr. Lian Hongwei, standing deputy head of Propaganda Department of Municipal Committee of Xi’an, and Party Committee Secretary, Head and President of Xi’an Radio and Television Station (Xi’an Broadcasting and Television Industry Group), Mr. Yang Yong, deputy head of Xi’an Financial Work Bureau, Mr. Li Hanchao, head of Capital Division of Shaanxi Local Finance Supervision and Administration Bureau, Mr. Deng Lichun, grade II researcher of the Supervision Office of Shaanxi Securities Regulatory Bureau, Mr. Deng Wei, head of Technology and Innovation Bureau of High-tech District Management Committee, Mr. He Huiming, director of High-tech District Software Park Development Center, Mr. Wang Bin, a member of Global Investment Bank Management Committee and responsible person of Information Media Team of CITIC Securities, and Mr. Wang Xiangyang, a co-founder of eclicktech, joined together to witness this historical moment.

嘉宾现场敲钟3▲The bell sounding scene for the listing ceremony of eclicktech▲

嘉宾现场合影3 ▲Group Photo of Guests at the Bell Sounding Scene of eclicktech▲

Under the current listing, eclicktech totally issues 75,501,700 stocks with the issue price of RMB 18.18. eclicktech totally raised the fund of RMB 1.373 billion, which would be mainly invested into the upgrading project for the program-based advertising platform, construction project of the R&D center and replenishment of the working capital.


Mr. Li Mingzhong, a member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, wishes that “the public listing is just a new starting point for an enterprise, but also indicates that the enterprise shall fulfill a greater social responsibility. I hope eclicktech could take advantage of this opportunity to focus on its main business and insist on innovative development, integrity management and compliant operation. Under the support of the capital market, I believe eclicktech could become more outstanding and stronger and return to investors, community and the country.

【深圳证券交易所党委委员、副总经理李鸣钟先生】▲Li Mingzhong, a member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Stock Exchange▲

Mr. Su Huchao, secretary of Party Group and head of Shaanxi Local Finance Supervision and Administration Bureau attended the ceremony and delivered a keynote: “eclicktech takes an active part in the Belt and Road initiative, and gives full play to its abundant industry experiences and technical strength to help foreign trade enterprises of China to link with the demands, improve the production capacity and expand the size of foreign trade. At the same time, it also significantly promotes the global progress of Chinese culture through digital technology, and boosts the influence of Chinese culture in the world.”

【陕西省地方金融监督管理局党组书记、局长苏虎超先生】1▲Su Huchao, secretary of Party Group and head of Shaanxi Local Finance Supervision and Administration Bureau▲

Mr. Ma Yao,  a member of the Executive Committee of CITIC Securities and Director of Global Investment Bank Management Committee expressed in the ceremony that: “In the public listing process of eclicktech, colleagues of CITIC Securities are moved by the strong sense of social responsibility and great development potential of eclicktech. I sincerely hope that President Zou Xiaowu and the exceptional team under his leadership could seize the development opportunities of the capital market to further improve the social values and brand values of the Company and contribute considerable return to investors.”

中信证券股份有限公司执行委员会委员、全球投资银行管理委员会主任 马尧先生2▲Ma Yao,  a member of the Executive Committee of CITIC Securities and Director of Global Investment Bank Management Committee▲

Words from Zou Xiaowu, founder of eclicktech: “in the past ten years, eclicktech is dedicated to contributing to the global marketing of Chinese culture and Chinese brands, and boosting global enterprises to get business success through cutting-edge Internet advertising technologies. The great pass seems unconquerable, but I'm determined to get through it step by step from now on! We will do out utmost to achieve the harmony development between the community and enterprise, win-win cooperation among enterprises, customers and shareholders and common growth of the enterprise and employees. Along with the fulfillment of such mission, we will return our investors with exceptional operation performance, and return the community with responsible operations. With these efforts, we strive to become an international smart marketing service provider that is second to none in the world.”

易点天下网络科技股份有限公司 创始人兼董事长 邹小武先生3▲Zou Xiaowu, founder of eclicktech▲


Core technologies win the recognition of the market

Smart marketing leads the development of the industry

In the rapid evolution of the global information technologies with the typical example of the Internet industry, Internet advertising market, as a critical pattern for the commercialization of Internet, reflects a complete picture for the evolution of the whole Internet industry from PC client to mobile client by virtue of its high-speed development.

With the constant persistence in the mission of “flattening the world with technology”, eclicktech remains committed to boosting the growth of global business of enterprises through its expertise in intelligent marketing. As of today, eclicktech has offered comprehensive, high-quality and efficient Internet advertising services to more than 5000 advertisers from sectors like e-commerce, games, tools and applications, education, etc. At the same time, we have extended our business presence to more than 200 countries and regions in the world.

eclicktech is one of the pioneering marketing service providers that provide one-stop solutions and facilitate enterprises to construct international ecosystems. with the focus on performance marketing, eclicktech owns massive media resources, and takes advantage of its intelligent business system platform to formulate advertising decisions for customers. eclicktech facilitates customers to make reasonable allocation of advertising budget among head media, long and medium-tail media and other channels and purchase user traffic in an efficient manner to guarantee the achievement of the expected commercial performance. At present, eclicktech has contributed to more than 800,000,000 conversions of global commercial performances like installations of applications, user registrations, product sales, etc., involving with more than 7,000,000,000 devices.

After more than 10 years of exploration and innovation, eclicktech owns one-stop intelligent marketing service products and AI creative products, as well as a complete marketing technology matrix, including BI decision-making and program-based advertising platform. It applies data and algorithm to access to multi-source data and media resources and achieve the real-time management and accurate advertising of all chains. With these features, eclicktech could help global advertisers to maximize the performance of advertising placement.


Strategic vision for international development

Press down the intelligence key for upward development

As the mobile Internet in the world further develops, the quantity of new media and regional media also keeps increasing. As a result, the recognition and access difficulty of consumers for the required contents keeps enlarging due to the complicate, fragmented and rapid feature of the media environment. In addition to the enhancement in the communication between brands and consumers and establishment of emotional links with consumers based on contents, global marketing shall also get good control of the efficient distribution of traffic.

As a world-leading intelligent international marketing service provider for enterprises, eclicktech kept increasing its R&D input in the reporting period. The R&D expenses of the Company maintained a constant ascending trend, and the annual compounded growth rate was as high as 36.39%. For more than ten years, eclicktech adheres to the business strategy of “development driven by technology” and energize with AI machine learning and algorithm to get a perfect matching logic among multiple commercial elements like commodities, consumers and media to achieve the purpose of accurate marketing through label optimization and data analysis and prediction. In addition, eclicktech also adopts customized creative services for brands to support the marketing, boost the business growth and achieve the all-domain development integrating with “products, performance and sales).

In the future, eclicktech will further increase its input in big data, AI, cloud computing and advertising transaction technologies based on Web 3.0 to enhance the brand advertising services with the core of creativity.  In addition to the contribution to the global business of Chinese enterprises, eclicktech also facilitates global consumers to enjoy the achievements from technology advancement and share a more beautiful and convenient life.

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