A Letter to Student From Zou Xiaowu, the Founder and Chairman of eclicktech


Students of eclicktech:

Today, we successfully get listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange. I am very happy and honored to witness this historic moment with you. For us, it will be new completely new starting point.

Born for global marketing

All successes are originated from a dream

For the 11 years of entrepreneurship, I still remember one sentence came to my eyes during my university time that “all successes are originated from one dream and one confidence without any foundation”.

In 2011, my survey during the spare time after the graduation from University of Arizona in the United States discovered that most products of China were sold too the United States at prices that were several folds of the their cost. The issue of how to reduce the value consumption from the information difference was my earliest idea for business startup when I came back to China. At that time, the mobile Internet in China had achieved the initial results after the construction of more than two years. When the earliest batches of enterprises with the global sales demands were seeking for service agencies for rapid acquisition of overseas users, I worked together with several partners in a small office to start the original businesses.

“By virtue of our existence, the international operations of Chinese enterprises become simpler, the overseas advanced technologies are easier to introduce to China, the world become flatter, and the global users could enjoy the values and achievements from mobile Internet in a more rapid manner. If we could achieve the above purposes, I think what we do are of outstanding significance.” As proved by the evidences, the long entrepreneurial path worth for our anticipation is getting close to our initial objective and mission.

In 2013, the top leaders of China initiated the profound initiative of the Belt and Road. Under the favorable opportunities from this initiative, the advantageous industrial chains with the typical samples of Mobile Internet started the overseas expansion path. Along with the grand trend of global marketing, we successfully connected to various media resources in overseas countries. Under the support of advertising technologies and big data algorithm, we facilitate more outstanding products, enterprises and culture of China to be seen and accepted by overseas users.

As one of the first batch of service providers of international smart marketing services for enterprises, it could be said that we have witnessed the whole process of the going global industry of China from barbaric growth at the very beginning to the stage of intensive cultivation.

Together We Grow

Boost the global development of Chinese enterprises

I constantly believe that a successful and outstanding will be able to adapt it self to changing circumstances and withstand the test of time and hardships.

In the past ten years, eclicktech has constantly specialized in ToB sector of global Internet marketing industry. With the strong advantages in data, algorithm and resources, we have developed a batch-based, automatic and intelligent supporting system for placement decisions. The system could facilitate global enterprises to make better marketing decisions and promote the achievement of the maximized benefits from advertising input.

What makes me pleased is that our companion and support in the process have boost a large number of traditional manufacturers and emerging technology products to develop from small to big and from big to strong and become well-known around the whole world. For many years, we have been a constantly important partner of our clients.

As a century for the scientific and technological revolution, industry reform and business reshaping, the 21st century brings together the two grand trends of global operation and technological innovation, providing infinite possibilities for the future development of enterprises, as well as multiple challenges.

In the new wave of globalization, the issue of how to boost more enterprises to develop toward the high and medium-end sectors in the global value chains is still an important topic in front of us.

eclicktech has intensified its efforts on developing an ecological circle for the global marketing of enterprises since the beginning of 2020. We hope will could get over barriers about language, culture, laws, religion, network hardware environment and other factors, and bring together more resources from both home and abroad to achieve matrix-based development from multiple sectors, including technical and industrial solutions, financial services, etc.

In 2021, we took the bold decision to start the domestic smart marketing business, with the hope of introducing the global marketing values precipitated in the past 10 years to enterprises with domestic marketing demands. Since then, we have officially opened up the global marketing channel for global sales, import business and domestic sales of enterprises, and created the closed-loop values for boosting global outstanding enterprises to achieve the international development.

Remain to the mission

Create sustainable social values

Under the superposition of the unprecedented changes and the outbreak of the pandemic across the planet, the global industrial chain accelerates the adjustment pace and comes across the voices of reverse globalization now and again. In our belief, however, a new and authentic global development of the digital age has just opened.

As China advocates for the digital upgrading, the overflow of capacity of Chinese manufacturers boosts the transformation of the supply chain of China toward the global supply chain. The confidence and resolution of Chinese products and brands in becoming world brands keep growing.

In the past three years, the at a compounded annual growth rate of cross-border e-commerce of China was as high as 32%. The export value of cross-border e-commerce of China saw a high record of 800 billion Yuan in 2019 and reached as high as 1,390 billion Yuan in 2020, demonstrating a healthy and rapid growing trend.

Just as what one of our co-founders declared: “the purposes of the survival and development of an enterprise are not only to generate relatively satisfactory economic benefits, but also create social values and fulfill corresponding social responsibilities. Both of the above purposes are very important, and neither of them could be omitted.”

As an in-depth participant in the journal of globalization of Chinese enterprises, eclicktech will remain committed to the sustainable social value orientation to transfer business advantages into industry booster, and apply the power of digitalization to promote the high-quality development of the regional economy.

On the long journey

Create a talent team tailored for global business

At present, innovation is a core capability for enterprises in participating in international business. Therefore, a vital part of the input shall be placed on technological research and development and upgrading of services. Talents at various levels with global vision and diversified capabilities are the cornerstone for the development and prosperity of enterprises. A strong talent team is of the greatest significance to the development of enterprises and industries.

eclicktech has remained committed to long-term sustainable development since its foundation, insisted on the cultivation and promotion of internal talents and kept on introducing exceptional external talents. It could be said that the success of eclicktech could never get away from the hard work and efforts of numberless eclicktech persons. Here, I would like to avail this opportunity to express our thanks to you for your trust and support. As the continuous development of this platform, I hope we could attract more like-minded friends to join us. Here, we are not only good teachers and helpful friends, but also family members.

Flatten the world with technology

Transform the center from China to the world

In the new round of globalization, the development of information technology, constant changes in the user demands and rapid flowing of the capital work together to accelerate the rising of emerging markets with the typical example of China. If the previous three global trends are dominated by cross-border enterprises from Europe and the United States, Chinese enterprises are endowed with the mission of playing the most vital role in the world in this round of global development of business.

To “Flatten the World with Technology” is a common mission of us in founding eclicktech in 2011. Look back to the past ten years, here gathered the youth and dreams of the Internet advertising men of China. On the starting point of the second ten years, we still believe in the power of technology, and will continue our dream toward the vast sea. On the long journey, we will achieve our glorious objective by working together. I hope we could join hands with each other to explore the global journey of Chinese enterprises.


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