The brand architecture of eclicktech officially debuts, and the 1+2 pattern boosts the global development of enterprises

In the new round of globalization, the development of information technology, constant changes in the user demand maps and rapid flowing of the capital work together to accelerate the rising of emerging markets with the typical example of China. Under the promotion of the increase in the size of the Belt and Road and the upgrading of the of digitalization transformation progress, the global industrial chain accelerates its pace of adjustment. The overflow of capacity of Chinese manufacturers further boosts the transformation of a supply chain of China toward an international supply chain. The confidence and resolution of Chinese products and brands in becoming world brands keep growing.

Global branding is an objective demand of the expanded market and continuous economic integration.

Under such a business environment full with overturns and changes, 

eclicktech, as a smart international marketing service providers for enterprises seek for global presence,

Develops an insight for the changes in the global marketing market

It takes the global vision

To comprehensive split its business brands

eclicktech will take a more innovative, aggressive, confident and forward-looking posture

To forge ahead together with all partners and global customers

The mission is to boost enterprises to cope with changes in demands of the global market in a more flexible and comfortable manner

Achieve robust growth





As a group brand, eclicktech upholds the mission of “flattening the world with technology” and adheres to the strategic positioning of “technology-driven development” to provide global marketing and promotion services to customers.

eclicktech will remain committed to the sustainable social value orientation to transfer business advantages into industry booster, and apply the power of digitalization to promote the high-quality development of the regional economy. With these efforts, it will create more social values and take the initiative to engage in social welfare cause and perform the corporate social responsibility.

Visual Presentation

Gravitational slingshot curve is the source for the creativity of the graphic of “eclicktech”. The gravitational slingshot effect is a theory in the aerospace dynamics: the airship flowing in the universe may acquire a gravitational field by getting close to any planet to accelerate and drive toward its target.


The symbol represents that eclicktech will constantly insist on all-around boosting and enabling for the customers, and persist in the service idea of “cooperation, link and ecological polymerization” . The Company will survive and develop by contributing to the customers and leading the development trend of the industry. It will work together with ecological partners and customers to achieve mutual benefits and promote the global progress.

The main color of the brand selects the combination of Blue and Orange-yellow. The base tone of blue indicates the character of “self-confidence and determination”, as well as the navigation in the vast blue sea. The warm color of orange-yellow is not only the continuation of Yeahmobi, but also reflects the original aspiration of “helping the global consumers to enjoy the convenience and beautiful life brought by technological advancement”.




Cyberklick links with global head media resources and local featured traffic resources, and engages in global marketing business with “Marketing Techniques +Creative Services” and customized solutions. By virtue of its marketing technology matrix driven by data and algorithm, it creates a complete value chain service system to boost outstanding enterprises to acquire business success. At present, the digital marketing channel has extended it business presence to more than 200 countries and regions.





Yeahmobi focuses on “Data +Techology” to bring together medium and long-tail traffic, and takes advantage of its professional integrated marketing capacity, abundant operation experiences in advertising and refined advertising management system to create brand-new advertising patterns that could benefit advertisers, media and users simultaneously.

It owns two top technical platforms, including zMaticoo a program-based advertising platform driven by AI technology, and Yeahgrowth, a one-stop refined management platform for advertisements.

zMaticoo-Program-based advertising platform driven by AI

The Company insists on the technological development driven by innovation, and applies advanced algorithm and AI technical capability to remove barriers in multi-source data and media resources efficiently and achieve the program-based processing for all chains of data. With these capabilities, we could provide more intelligent and convenient advertising conversion and user growth services to global advertisers and mobile developers, and construct a safe and transparent digital advertising ecosystem.

zMaticoo-2Yeahgrowth -one-stop refined management platform for advertising

Based on the strong AI data analysis capability and abundant advertising operation experiences of eclicktech, we apply the intelligent data monitoring, visualized advertising management, transparent traffic placement, customized market insights and independent authority management to construct a full-chain refined management system. The system could provide advertisers with multiple medial marketing services like program-based traffic services, and facilitate enterprises to effectively improve their advertising efficiency and maximize the performance of advertising rapidly.


Under the new image, we serve as a pioneer in the sector of international intelligent marketing to confront with opportunities and challenges of the global market operation under the changes. eclicktech will continue to energize brands, drive growth and create values to customers with its wide global vision, down-to-earth insights for local market, in-depth understanding about new diversified boundaries for values, forward-looking blueprint and processional tactical ability. eclicktech will accompany with more outstanding enterprises to achieve global sales, and help global consumers to enjoy a diversified, beautiful and convenient life.

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