eclicktech won the "Global Service Practice Case" Award of the 2022 Trade and Services Commission

As the world's only national, international and comprehensive service trade platform, and the only comprehensive service trade fair covering 12 major areas of service trade in the world, the Trade in Services has made positive contributions to the promotion of global service industry and service trade.


It is understood that the release of service demonstration cases is one of the important achievements of the Trade and Services Commission. This time, six categories of awards have been set up: "China Service Practice Cases", "Global Service Practice Cases", "Science and Technology Innovation Service Demonstration Cases", "Business Innovation Service Demonstration Cases", "Green Development Service Demonstration Cases" and "Development Potential Service Demonstration Cases", mainly to demonstrate the global trade in services development trends and cutting-edge achievements, highlighting the demonstration and leading role of new services, new models, new business formats .

It is reported that this year's service demonstration case selection activities collected more than 700 cases from domestic and foreign enterprises, and selected 100 service demonstration cases. Yidian world won the "Global Service Practice Case" through the intelligent marketing service project Alipay Plus, which once again shows that eclicktech world has brought integrated services to enterprises through performance marketing, brand building, vertical industry solutions, etc., and has been recognized by the national authoritative platform.


Alipay Plus, the winning case, helped Alipay Plus enhance brand awareness and trust, and strengthened the coexistence of Alipay Plus and local wallets by accurately positioning the market direction, formulating "four complete marketing" solutions, establishing a brand communication funnel, penetrating community operations , and gradually building long-term brand power.

Alipay Plus is a payment solution for China Unicom's cross-border merchants and local wallets. It is committed to "enabling users to use online wallets no matter where they are, enjoy local life and services, and enable cross-border merchants to connect all in one go", truly achieving global payment, global payment, and global remittance.


However, with the increasingly fierce competition among global financial technology companies, South East Asia has become the core battlefield in the payment market. It is not easy for Alipay Plus to "gain a firm foothold" in the South East Asia market. As the marketing service provider of Alipay Plus in South East Asia, EasyPoint also encountered problems such as difficulty in setting the marketing cycle, low certainty of explosive traffic, low quality of crowd conversion , and difficulty in positioning communication directions during the marketing process.

Faced with these problems, Easypoint has accurately positioned the market direction and customized a set of "point and line" marketing activity model for Alipay Plus , and created a matrix style of product marketing through the "four full marketing" solution of full cycle extension, full domain coverage, full channel force, and full content synesthesia.

At the same time, eclicktech provides customized promotion strategies for Alipay Plus for young people in target regions, with "high interaction" throughout, allowing users to spontaneously participate in brand promotion to increase brand volume; leveraging third-party endorsements to strengthen brand awareness and occupy users' minds; expanding product boundaries through cross-border marketing.


In addition, with the "four complete marketing" solution, eclicktech guides Alipay Plus to roll up the content snowball through the positive intensification cycle of content → channels → users → community , creating a hit product, allowing consumers to become word-of-mouth disseminators, bringing more new users to the brand, and establishing a community closed loop marketing focusing on content penetration. Finally, combined with the phased marketing goals, eclicktech creates a core gameplay exclusive to Alipay Plus, and cooperates with Google, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and other media platforms to build a marketing matrix.

Finally, it helped Alipay Plus users to initially establish the concept of Alipay Plus and Gcash (Gcash is a well-known mobile payment tool in the Philippines); the popularity of search terms related to "Alipay Gcash" increased by 950%; the exposure of brand-related content exceeded 10 times; the click through rate of the campaign increased by 2.5 times; a single topic campaign obtained more than 2 million submissions, which was higher than the average market participation of 75%, which greatly shortened the distance between brands and users.

In the process of implementing the " Belt and Road Initiative " initiative to serve domestic and foreign enterprises to achieve global marketing growth, eclicktech builds a full value chain service system for customers through a marketing technology matrix driven by data and algorithms, helping high-quality enterprises achieve global business success. In the future,eclicktech will also deepen its full-case marketing service capabilities, continue to practice the corporate mission of "technology makes the world a flatter", and continue to give full play to its own advantages to contribute to the globalization process of Chinese enterprises.

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