eclicktech was shortlisted for five awards at the 2022 Google Premier Partner Awards

Recently, the shortlist of Google2022 Excellent Partner Award was announced


Eclicktech leverages a data and algorithm-driven marketing technology matrix

Create a full value chain service system for customers

In a competitive list

Nominated for 5 awards

Become the company with the largest number of shortlisted awards in 2022!



Bigo Live is a global LIVE social platform app , officially launched in May 2016, currently logged in more than 150 countries and regions, with more than 32 million monthly active users and a total download volume of 400 million. In 2021, in the face of the challenges of increasing customer acquisition costs year by year, the influx of external competitors, and the continuous improvement of material policy requirements, Bigo Live hopes to further improve application installs and customer acquisition quality through quality marketing. Eclicktech used Google's product portfolio for performance marketing, combined with influencers to shoot materials, and shortened the sense of distance, which ultimately helped Bigo Live users continue to grow by 27%, and retention rate increased by 18% year over year.

Bigo live



Goboo was established in early 2021 in line with the brand's digital transformation and cross-border overseas craze. Committed to building a high-quality e-commerce platform to provide high-quality, high-tech consumer electronics to global users. Goboo takes independent station as a new brand position, and localizes European station operation first. In the process of launching the new DTC brand independent station advertising and marketing, eclicktech and Goboo jointly created a new idea of "marketing technology + creative services" to help Goboo achieve rapid business growth. Focusing on the three steps of "inspection -- > selection -- > investment", combined with Goboo's product attributes, user portraits and key marketing nodes to jointly plan, explore mature methodologies, and break through the marketing cycle setting, explosive traffic certainty, crowd conversion quality and so on. Finally, the marketing goal of achieving profitable ROI within 3 months is achieved, and the growth trend of GMV and ROI is maintained throughout the shopping season, while creating a number of industry phenomenon cases.




Dr.Panda is a children's enlightenment education brand under Good Future Group. For international business expansion, Dr.Panda has been looking for professional service providers who fit the brand concept, and finally reached a friendly cooperation with eclicktech. Eclicktech has formulated a comprehensive development strategy of product + growth + monetization. Based on eclicktech's past global marketing experience and senior experience in the educational game industry, it provides global international growth solutions to greatly reduce trial and error costs. Through detailed competitor analysis and audience analysis, it provides customers with professional, independent and customized growth plans. At the same time of increment, recycling is the main orientation, while focusing on customer acquisition costs and payment rates.

Use Google AC effect advertising, Youtube channel and other social media account operation , brand advertising, Youtube KOL cooperation and other comprehensive marketing to help Dr.Panda achieve brand operation and business growth. The overall recovery in Q1 2022 doubled compared with the previous quarter.




With its excellent investment services and product experience, a financial service platform has quickly won the favor of young overseas investors. In 2021, the client hoped to continuously improve exposure in the target market and achieve product conversion , but it also faced fierce market competition, weak brand influence, difficult user transfer, and high customer growth goals. As its performance marketing service provider, eclicktech provided the client with an exclusive service team of 15 people based on the above problems, and provided him with professional placement strategies, overall optimization suggestions and high-quality creative material services.



In terms of cultivating the company's employees, eclicktech leads the development of employees through corporate culture; gradually builds organizational culture around the company's core values. Under the initial intention of realizing a virtuous circle of the company's atmosphere, it has set up an employee training center; through a relatively complete training system, horizontally across businesses and vertically across ranks, it can find its own "growth methodology" in Yidian Tianxia.

Eclicktech believes that an excellent working environment lies in how to create an atmosphere in the work room, watering an open and inclusive cultural soil, and encouraging partners to bloom with trust and responsibility. Therefore, in terms of building principles, we carry out two aspects: 1. Continuously optimize the hard environment; 2. Continuously enhance the soft atmosphere.

As an Internet company with technological innovation , eclicktech embraces change, respects individuality, sincerely trusts, accepts the diversity and differentiation of talents with an open and inclusive mind, and always adheres to the eclicktech talent concept of "attracting a hundred talents", that is, Eclicktech does not judge by academic qualifications, qualifications or seniority, and potential, responsibility and contribution are the elements of talent selection. In addition, Eclicktech adheres to the values of "trust, responsibility, learning ability and execution", and provides more open and high-quality development opportunities to employees who dare to work hard and take responsibility.

This time, the five major eclicktechs were successfully shortlisted for the 2022Google Premier Partner Awards, which is not only a high degree of affirmation of eclicktech's whole-link marketing services, but also demonstrates eclicktech's determination and ability to continuously surpass itself in the process of serving customers.

As the world's leading enterprise international intelligent marketing service provider, eclicktech has served more than 5,000 customers worldwide. In the future, eclicktech will continue to create value for customers and continue to empower domestic overseas enterprises.

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