Strength out of the circle | eclicktech won the Tiger Roar Award for the Best Intelligent Marketing Platform of the Year

Recently, the 2022 Tiger Roar Ceremony and the 13th Tiger Roar Award Ceremony were grandly held in Beijing. At the Tiger Roar Ceremony, an industry event with great professional influence and scale in the field of brand marketing digitalization, eclicktech relied on its self-developed CyberMedia one-stop marketing intelligent service platform, which was recognized by representatives from various industries and fields, and finally won the Best Intelligent Marketing Platform of the Year Award.


As an authoritative, forward-looking and innovative large-scale brand event in the field of digital business communication in China, this year's Tiger Roar Award selection, from more than 5,500 case works of more than 800 participating companies, layer by layer screening, through 650 + large jury online review, 90 + final review jury collegiate final review, 10 + presidium members review, finally compete for this year's winners list, the fierce degree of competition is evident.

In recent years, with the further development of the global mobile Internet , the migration of the habits of the new generation of mobile Internet users, the number of new media and regional localized media is gradually increasing, and the dispersion of high-quality media has been significantly strengthened.

At a time when the dividend of average daily online time of users is gradually fading, a very important way to expand the contact between advertisers and users is to connect to more high-quality media. However, due to the differences in commercialization models among different media and the increase in the number of media , it is difficult to manually complete the placement and daily management of marketing activities on each media And ensure the unified and accurate collection and analysis of data.

CyberMedia one-stop marketing intelligent service platform, through a huge data management system and business processing system, to provide industry-level marketing solutions to help customers effectively improve the effectiveness of advertising marketing, advertising management efficiency, is to solve the core problems of the above part.

CyberMedia one-stop marketing intelligent service platform can provide including Google, Facebook, TikTok, Ocean Engine and other mainstream media account opening and recharge, account authorization management and other basic services, the process is simple and easy to operate, multi-currency fast recharge. At the same time, the creative material tools, media delivery tools, data analytics tools and other auxiliary tools are provided, which can carry out advertising materials, data management and business processing.



In addition, the cross-platform media account management provided by CyberMedia can provide one-stop account management services for multi-platform accounts, without the need for platform switching. It can also perform multi-dimensional data analytics based on account data and other information to provide recent account usage of various media accounts to improve account management efficiency. At the same time, it provides functions such as enterprise creation and team member management, It can assist customers in their demands such as team member information management and account permission allocation.

Eclicktech has always adhered to the strategic guidance of "technology-driven development" and actively invested in R & D, forming the company's core technical barriers in the mobile marketing industry.

Cyberklick as eclicktech's business intelligent digital marketing platform, in the entire process of marketing link, data and algorithm-driven marketing technology product matrix " CyberMedia one-stop marketing intelligent service platform, CyberTargeter Programmatic advertising , CyberCreative AI creative, Cyber Data BI decision" link the entire chain of marketing. Form a service system to help industries such as e-commerce, games, tool applications and education make correct marketing decisions in the process of internationalization, so as to achieve the success of enterprises' global business.


In the future, eclicktech will continue to give full play to its own data and technical advantages, continue to make efforts in the field of enterprise international digital marketing, and establish technical barriers and core competitiveness for domestic and foreign enterprises.

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