Good news! eclicktech won two Ocean Engine annual partner awards

The list of Ocean Engine's outstanding channel partners in 2020 was officially announced. With its outstanding performance and professional capabilities in overseas services and services, eclicktech won the title of "2020 Ocean Engine Channel Annual Service Contribution Partner" in the field of overseas services, and won the title of "Ocean Engine Channel Annual Service Contribution Partner" in the field of overseas services. 2020 Ocean Engine channel annual breakthrough partner" title! The multiple honors have once again proved its outstanding strength as an enterprise's international intelligent marketing service provider.

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Looking at the global market in 2020, the black swan epidemic has made the changes in the domestic and international market environment more complicated. "TikTok drives the trend of short video", "mobile game boutique", "home economy" has become the new normal", "emerging markets", "Z era", etc., have become keywords for going overseas in 2020. The whole industry chain ecosystem is integrated The development trend puts forward stricter and higher requirements on the professional ability of marketing service providers, which is a challenge and an opportunity for eclicktech.

eclicktech is well versed in market changes, insight into customer needs, and customer goals-oriented. In 2020, we will always be based on performance marketing, driven by technology, through integrated services such as branding and vertical industry solutions. In the process, we continue to try, Tuning, always responding to market data feedback, timely adjustment of the next market strategy, excellently helping the company to smoothly tide over the crisis, and steadily grasp a new round of growth.

With the impact of the epidemic and the international situation, more and more companies are returning to the country. With the migration of customer needs, eclicktech will comprehensively expand the domestic smart marketing business on the basis of good cooperation with many domestic media platforms in the past. So as to provide customers with more comprehensive and high-quality marketing services more efficiently. The title of breakthrough partner for entering the sea this time is also an affirmation and promotion of the domestic marketing business layout.


At present, eclicktech has completed the three-dimensional marketing service layout of enterprises going to sea, going to sea and domestic. Not long ago, at the Global Intelligent Marketing Summit, eclicktech VP Zhang Yunchao said:

"At this point, eclicktech will not only be an ‘enabler’ for companies going overseas, but a link that connects high-quality global companies and consumers."

The acquisition of this double title is not only an affirmation of the past achievements, but also the higher requirements of the market and customers for eclicktech. With the continuous deepening of the enterprise's overseas and overseas marketing needs, eclicktech will always maintain its original aspiration, forge ahead, and in-depth Sniff the changing trends of global users and continue to help the global development of Chinese companies.

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