Valuation closely follows Naixue and Cainiao Station, eclicktech has been selected as a Chinese unicorn company for 3 consecutive years


A few days ago, the New Economy Think Tank Great Wall Strategic Consulting released the "Chinese Unicorn Enterprise Research Report 2021". The report announced a list of Chinese unicorn companies in 2020, with a total of 251 companies, with a total valuation of more than one trillion US dollars for the first time.

eclicktech has been on the list for three consecutive years, with a valuation of 1.1 billion US dollars, which is equivalent to Nayuki's tea and rookie stations.

  In addition, the companies on the list include Bytedance, Kuaishou, SHEIN, Hero Interactive Entertainment, APUS, Zhiyu, Keep, etc., all of which have a cooperative relationship with eclicktech.


As the first unicorn company in Xi’an, eclicktech has developed its business for nearly 10 years. Through effect marketing, brand building, vertical industry solutions, etc., eclicktech has served thousands of companies including Alibaba, Tencent, NetEase, Kuaishou, iQiyi, etc. develop. Recently, eclicktech's business upgrades are also frequent.

 In March of this year, eclicktech officially announced the opening of the domestic large-scale media business, and has become a national industry-wide agent for a huge number of engines and a huge number of Qianchuan. So far, eclicktech has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with global leaders such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Huge Engine, Pinterest, etc., and medium and long-tail high-quality media and platforms on the media side. Domestic three-dimensional marketing services.

 In the field of traditional overseas marketing services, eclicktech is also vigorously promoting full-case brand marketing services on the basis of performance marketing. Yang Ya, eclicktech VP, said at the "All Things Growth, Wisdom Sees Shanghai" Marketing Summit:

"We talked to the bosses three years ago in a meeting with all the bosses that branding will become the trend of Chinese companies going overseas. Today, the lingering overseas of the epidemic has brought about lasting changes to the consumption habits of these'digital natives'. , We must take the lead in making changes in marketing."

A few years ago, when aware of this trend, eclicktech set up the cross-border e-commerce solution team BrandLab and the pan-entertainment solution team Madcube. Currently, they have worked for Secret Fan, BlackHead, LUXATO, Grin, Searle Light, and Miracle. Nuan Nuan, Putting Girls, Survival in the Wild, and many other companies provided full-case marketing services. Among them, the LUXATO service case also won the Bronze Award in the 2020 Golden Investment Award, which is the first overseas marketing of the hearing aid category in this award.


At the same time, as an intelligent marketing service provider, eclicktech has always insisted on investing in research and development, focusing on cutting-edge Internet advertising technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data algorithms, and cloud computing. It has been improved through intelligent business platforms such as TopMedia CMP system, Yeah-CMP system, YeahTargeter system, etc. Advertising efficiency, optimization of advertising effect, and based on this to develop efficient performance advertising services, forming the company's core main business.

At present, eclicktech has realized more than 500 million conversions of commercial effects such as application installation, user registration, and product sales, covering more than 7 billion independent devices, covering 238 countries and regions around the world, and the highest effective conversion in a single day has reached the order of one million.

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