2021 China's top 50 global brands list released | eclicktech service brands exceed 70%!


On May 10th, Google and Kantar jointly released the 2021 BrandZ™ China Top 50 Global Brands List in Shenzhen.

Although the epidemic has had a significant impact on the global economy, Chinese brands continue to invest in brand communication and innovation, and firmly demonstrate their determination to promote brand building and achieve overseas business growth. Top Chinese brands have continued the good momentum of increasing consumer awareness year by year in developed markets.

As the world's leading enterprise international intelligent marketing service provider, eclicktech provides global services for more than 70% of the brands in this list, including Alibaba, ByteDance, Huawei, SHEIN, Tencent, NetEase, Kuaishou, JD.com , Ctrip and other well-known domestic companies, helping companies achieve strong growth in the global field, and accumulate energy to make progress.

2021 BrandZ™ China Top 50 Global Brands List


Image source: Google

After the rebirth of the epidemic, in 2021, standing at a new starting point, changes in consumer concepts have prompted a quiet transformation of brand communication. The "BrandZ™ Global Brands in China" report points out three new trends in brand development:

1. Categories related to the "home economy" benefited from the long-term home isolation. The brand power has not been affected by the overall downward trend, but has strengthened against the trend.

2. Brands that are deeply rooted in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) business model have achieved considerable growth.

3. "Meaning" and "differentiation" are important drivers of brand resilience and growth. The former has always been a key element of brand success, while the importance of the latter has become more and more significant.

For these three major trends, eclicktech has already prepared and acted. As the first service provider in the industry to propose cross-border e-commerce brand operation ideas, eclicktech has established a cross-border e-commerce brand operation team Brandlab and a pan-entertainment full-case marketing team Madcube to help cross-border e-commerce and Pan-entertainment customers quickly achieved success in overseas markets. At present, Brandlab has served many DTC companies including Secret Fan, BlackHead, LUXATO, Grin, etc., and has maintained long-term cooperation.

In the domestic layout, eclicktech has reached cooperation with many well-known domestic information streaming media, including the giant engine, giant Qianchuan and other media. At present, eclicktech has established a full-link professional marketing team, and has an original video shooting team and shooting base. According to customer needs, it can provide customized marketing full-case services, short video generation operation services, IP incubation + full-net celebrity marketing services , Live broadcast operations and omni-channel integrated marketing services.


eclicktech also sensitively captures the importance of "meaningful" and "differentiation" in brand growth. It is difficult for a single traditional marketing method to poke young consumers into the main force, and they are looking for a spiritual fit. In this regard, Yidian Tianxia has created creative efficiency improvement tools and self-service advertising one-stop management tools to better help companies win the favor and trust of target audiences.

✪ Last year, eclicktech was named "Top Ten Global Marketing Service Platforms in 2020";

✪ Participated in the Golden Investment Awards for the first time with "Luxato Overseas Integrated Marketing Case", and successfully won the Bronze Award in the overseas group;

✪ Bringing the secret fan into the SMARTIES CHINA 2020 First Overseas Marketing Excellence Award;

✪ The "WE ARE ONE" global online public welfare activity completed by serving customer Grin won the silver award in the B2B brand communication category of the epidemic group, and so on.

On the road of helping Chinese brands to globalize, eclicktech firmly believes that brands need to be user-oriented, benefiting consumers and local society, and only in this way can they gain a place in the hearts of consumers and win their choices. In the future, eclicktech will always accompany Chinese brands to increase their strength, help more and more companies become dazzling stars, and make better performance for improving the international influence of Chinese brands.

The future can be expected, walk together!

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