eclicktech Shortlisted for Two 2023 Google Premier Partner Awards

The finalists for the 2023 Google Premier Partner Awards have recently been announced. eclicktech, with its remarkable achievements in digital marketing and significant contributions to helping clients achieve business goals, was shortlisted for two categories of App Growth and Workplace Excellence awards. As a technology-driven company that offers intelligent marketing services, eclicktech is committed to providing efficient and professional services in supporting Chinese brands to go global and collaborating with industry partners on an international scale. These notable achievements have been highly recognized.


In today’s field of marketing, where artificial intelligence (AI) is widely applied, the next-generation AI has revolutionized the marketing from “+AI” to “AI+”. Making good use of AI has become an essential skill to lead the race in a specific field, with capabilities such as one-click generation of copywriting, pictures, audio, and video, and functions including marketing planning and market analysis. eclicktech has a keen eye for market changes and constantly enhances its technological competence. Since the first launch of the AIGC digital marketing creation platform, eclicktech has rapidly expanded its reach covering 67 countries, with over 400,000 registered users and millions of unique visitors (UVs). It remains committed to constructing application scenario of industry and offering customized solutions to enable faster, higher-quality, and easier AI-powered marketing content generation.

With AI models and AI applications evolving, the demands for more efficient, personalized, data-driven strategies, as well as exceptional user experience and automated operations are increasing. As an intelligent marketing partner collaborating with Chinese enterprises and brands in expanding their businesses globally, eclicktech has explored the way with its“AI+ Marketing”. Over the next three years, it will continue to lead the world with AIGC, offering more intelligent, targeted, and efficient product and service delivery capabilities to support Chinese brands in their global expansion.

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