Yeahmobi X CHANDO, Wins BrandStar Awards 2023


On November 17, the BrandStar Awards 2023 of Planet Award Ceremony was successfully held, announcing the winners. Among many brands, Yeahmobi, designed by eclicktech, stood out and won the “Service Innovation Award in the Social Media Marketing Group” for its successful overseas influencer marketing campaign of CHANDO.

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The BrandStar Awards, initiated by BrandStar, highlight “brand innovation” as a core criterion, aiming to showcase the ecosystem of brand innovation and drive the development and innovation of Chinese brands. In 2021, eclicktech collaborated with MUKZIN, a Chinese fashion brand, successfully developing a brand growth strategy centered around user engagement, brand awareness, and product excellence through insights into new consumer brands and years of promotional experience. This has earned eclicktech the “Service Innovation Award in the New Consumer Brand Overseas Service Provider Group.” The recent honor of the BrandStar Awards this year has further demonstrated the industry’s recognition of eclicktech’s comprehensive service capabilities.

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In 2023, the beauty and skincare markets continue to experience positive growth rates, and "beauty brands going global" has become a buzzword within the domestic and international beauty industry. CHANDO, a popular Chinese skincare brand, has set its sights on foreign markets.

With the rapid advancement of digital globalization, overseas influencer marketing, embracing broad audience, high interaction rates, and effective conversion rates, has become an essential tool for beauty brands to expand internationally. It is reported that the size of overseas influencer marketing industry reached $16.4 billion in 2022, and it is estimated to reach about $21.1 billion by the end of 2023. As for CHANDO, since 2022, it has been in partnership with Yeahmobi for overseas influencer marketing, aiming to boost the user growth of CHANDO through tailored influencer recommendation and localized promotional strategies.

CHANDO has always been committed to using local natural resources and natural ingredients to develop high-quality and cost-efficient beauty products suitable for our skin, winning hearts of Chinese consumers. Considering similar characteristics of Asian skin and the close geographic location, CHANDO initially targeted Southeast Asia and Japan when going global.

Yeahmobi conducted in-depth analysis of the market environment and consumer preferences of the target regions, and decided to prioritize “Product Trial” collaborations with bloggers known for their high standards towards appearance, larger number of followers, and love for beauty. Yeahmobi aims to adopt an influencer marketing strategy that leverages less influential bloggers to reach more influential ones.

Yeahmobi chose to collaborate with influencers who have high requirements on their personal image, including beauticians, child stars, popular beauty bloggers, famous models, and actors. To help followers quickly learn about the efficacy of the brand, Yeahmobi created unique and intriguing storylines for each blogger to promote the brand. Moreover, the internal team helped produce and shoot the clips, which were then uploaded on the bloggers’ internet platforms.

For example, beauticians seamlessly mention CHANDO in their daily beauty knowledge sharing, introducing its ingredients and personal experience of using the brand. Kid influencers created videos showcasing CHANDO face masks, from its unboxing and ingredient explanations to tryouts and close-up demonstrations. Popular beauty bloggers show the entire skincare process of the brand and their before-and-after transformations. Two famous twin models will be invited to try out the same product and provide diverse feedbacks.

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Yeahmobi maximized the reach of influencers’ followers by focusing on Instagram (which has a large number of users of young women) and sharing clips on Meta and YouTube at the same time. Meanwhile, eclicktech monitored and responded to users’ comments, answering their inquiries, and steering them towards buying the product.

As a result, Yeahmobi has helped CHANDO reach over 1.73 million users in the Southeast Asia and Japan, with over 200,000 views on Instagram and YouTube. This strategy significantly influenced women aged 20 to 40 in the target regions, with thousands of users engaging in discussions about trending topics of the brand. It has garnered the attention of nearly50,000 target customers, resulting in an impressive 80% conversion rate through Yeahmobi’s partner bloggers platforms.

Yeahmobi, a digital advertising platform with programming as its core, has established long-term partnerships with over 100,000 quality key opinion leaders (KOLs). With extensive resources around the world, Yeahmobi's partner KOLs extend their reach to major global platforms covering various industries, including gaming, e-commerce, and beauty.

With years of experience, Yeahmobi’s professional operations team understand clients’ needs and addresses their pain points in international expansion. Yeahmobi helped them develop tailored and high-quality promotion strategies, optimizing budgets while providing easy access to go global.

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