Facebook & KPMG jointly released the list of China's top 50 overseas companies in 2019, and eclicktech serves more than half of its customers!

On September 17, 2019, the 2019 Facebook Overseas Innovation Summit was held in Shanghai. Facebook and the internationally renowned consulting company KPMG jointly released the "China's Top 50 Global Leading Brands" for the third consecutive year. Air China, Alibaba, Tencent, Zhiyu, JD, SHEIN, Loom, Meitu, Xiaomi, ByteDance and many other well-known domestic companies are on the list.

The list comprehensively evaluates the performance of 145 Chinese brands that have been deeply involved in globalization for many years in the five market segments of e-commerce, games, mobile applications, consumer goods and consumer services. In-depth surveys of 2,400 overseas consumers of different languages, cultural backgrounds, age levels, and income levels in 8 countries around the world. Questions related to their visibility, relevance, satisfaction and trust in Chinese brands, combined with accurate Facebook data, Be produced.


Facebook & KPMG jointly release 2019 China's top 50 leading brands overseas

As an officially certified global partner of Facebook, eclicktech serves 26 customers-Huawei, Alibaba, Ctrip, OPPO, Lollipop, ByteDance, Zhiyu, Meitu, Tencent, Hero Interactive Entertainment, IGG, Youzu Networks , Xiaomi and other companies are on the list with honors, and their brands radiate e-commerce, games, consumer products, mobile applications, consumer services and other fields.

Joint release by Facebook & KPMG
2019 China's Top 50 Rookie Brands

During the summit, Facebook and KPMG also released the annual industry report "White Paper on China's Top 50 Going Global Rankings in 2019", interpreting China's top 50 overseas leading brands and emerging brands, analyzing market changes, consumer and technological innovation trends, and helping Chinese leading brands globally化 development.

Joint release by Facebook & KPMG

On the whole, in various market segments such as e-commerce, games, consumer goods, and mobile applications, Chinese brands already have a relatively high reputation. With the further expansion of the scale of global transactions, China's leading high-quality supply chain will further reflect its value and help Chinese companies seize opportunities in global competition.

This time, many of eclicktech's service customers are listed on Facebook's "China's Top 50 Leading Brands" and "China's Top 50 Rookie Brands". The success of the customers also highlights eclicktech's leading product technology and excellent operating capabilities in the mobile Internet field. .

As an officially certified global partner of Facebook, eclicktech has been deeply involved in the industry for several years, driven by big data and AI technology, and through integrated services such as effect marketing, branding, vertical industry solutions, etc., to help companies internationalize and build a global market The To B ecosystem. Its service customers cover industries such as consumer apps, mobile games, and cross-border e-commerce.

In the future, eclicktech will continue to use its own product technology advantages and operational capabilities to help the global development of Chinese brands!

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