eclicktech was awarded the 2019 New Business Annual Influential Enterprise, founder and CEO Zou Xiaowu was awarded the 2019 Industry Leader Award

The 2019 China Finance Summit Winter Forum and Global New Business Conference opened in Beijing on November 21. This conference brings together leaders from various industries to discuss industrial reforms under the background of the new era and explore new paths for high-quality economic development. eclicktech was awarded the "2019 New Business Annual Influential Enterprise", and the founder and CEO Mr. Zou Xiaowu won the "2019 Industry Leader Award".


The event was jointly initiated by the CFS China Finance Summit in conjunction with the Central Network and many domestic financial and mass media. It is one of the most influential thought events in the domestic economic field. With the theme of "Resilience and Vitality", this summit brought together many well-known scholars, professors, domestic and foreign entrepreneurs, investors, more than 800 industry elites and more than 200 financial media to participate.

Under the tide of economic globalization, eclicktech is one of the earliest and largest enterprise international intelligent marketing service providers in China. Driven by big data and AI technology, eclicktech helps companies expand overseas markets through integrated services such as effect marketing, branding, vertical industry solutions, etc., to acquire users on a global scale, build brand awareness, and realize business realization.

eclicktech's business started in 2011, headquartered in Xi'an, and has subsidiaries in many countries and regions. Currently, it has provided services to more than 2,000 customers worldwide, covering consumer apps, mobile games, cross-border e-commerce and other industries. Including companies such as Huawei, Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, ByteDance, Huanju Times Group, Global Tesco, Zhiyu, Xiqi, SHEIN, Uber, Paytm, Lazada, etc.

Relying on the accumulation of big data and technical advantages in the industry for 8 years, eclicktech can not only help customers achieve precise marketing reach and conversion, but also grasp market trends and industry growth trends from the bottom up, and provide companies with personalized marketing solutions. , To provide a certain reference and basis for investment decision-making.

eclicktech has a wealth of traffic resources. At present, the platform data is connected to more than 3,000 media resources around the world, covering more than 200 countries and regions, and 2 billion+ Internet user devices. At the business level, eclicktech has also taken the lead in launching vertical industry solutions for cross-border e-commerce and pan-entertainment industries in response to changes in corporate needs. Among them, the sub-business brand Madcube launched by eclicktech in 2019 is positioned for global advertisers seeking to explore the Japanese and Korean markets. Through the in-depth integration of markets, users, data, strategies, creativity and media resources, it provides games, Advertisers in the fields of tool apps, cross-border e-commerce, etc. provide cross-border full-case marketing services to help customers achieve branding and localized operations from zero to one.

As a global company that grew up in Xi'an, eclicktech is also the first unicorn company in Xi'an and a "strategic emerging industry star enterprise" in Xi'an High-tech Zone. Zou Xiaowu has repeatedly talked to the media that eclicktech’s mission is "Flatten the world with technology", hoping that because of the existence of eclicktech, the internationalization of Chinese companies will become easier, and it will be easier for overseas advanced technology to enter the Chinese market, and the world will become easier. Flatter. This award shows the recognition of eclicktech's efforts and contributions to promote the internationalization of Chinese enterprises from all walks of life.

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