Work with the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology to build a dominant brand in the consumer goods industry


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Digital Training Base for Consumer Goods Industry Settled in Overseas Industrial Park
eclicktech will work hand in hand with the government
Jointly promote the development of local industries
The base is located in Xi’an, China Sea Industrial Park
Co-built by the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and eclicktech,
It will be oriented towards leading consumer goods companies, small and medium-sized enterprises,
Agricultural product operators, carry out special measures aimed at the characteristics of the consumer goods industry
Customized training, including traditional enterprise cloud access,
New media marketing, brand going overseas, etc.

At this Shaanxi Provincial Consumer Goods Industry Digital Transformation and Upgrade Promotion Conference. Liu Bo, deputy director of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and Qi Haibing, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xi’an High-tech Zone, jointly unveiled the "Shaanxi Provincial Consumer Goods Industry Digital Training Demonstration Base".


Speech by Deputy Director Liu Bo

Deputy Director Liu Bo said: The establishment of the "Shaanxi Provincial Consumer Goods Industry Digital Training Base" is to implement the eighth plenary session of the 13th Provincial Party Committee "to promote digital industrialization and industrial digitization, implement cloud-based data intelligence actions, and carry out digital economy pilot demonstrations. "One of the important measures.

The base aims to build a superior brand in our province, and is supported by eclicktech's core advantages in intelligent marketing platform and overseas industrial system. It plays the role of government guidance and leading enterprises' demonstration and traction, and works together to create high-quality services that serve the sustainable and healthy development of Shaanxi's consumer goods industry. Platform to achieve high-quality development of the province’s consumer goods industry.


Director Qi Haibing made a speech

Director Qi Haibing made a speech and pointed out that the high-tech zone and eclicktech built the Xi’an Overseas Industrial Park, which is a specific deployment of the high-tech zone in order to build a domestic large cycle as the main body and a domestic and international dual cycle to promote mutual development. It is also a high-tech zone that follows digital industrialization and industry. The pilot initiative of the digital road, hopes to rely on this carrier to promote the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy in Shaanxi Province and the digital transformation and upgrading of the consumer goods industry, to make our Shaanxi brand bigger and stronger, and to sell products all over the world!


At the meeting, Lan Xianghui, co-founder of eclicktech, delivered a keynote speech with the theme of "Insight into the Digital Opportunities of Enterprises", and analyzed how traditional enterprises in Shaanxi rely on mobile Internet technology to achieve digital transformation and brand building. In addition, corporate guests such as Alibaba, Juliang Engine, Meibo Medical and Health, etc. respectively shared special topics on industrial Internet practice, digital marketing potential, and regional industrial chain upgrades.


As the world’s leading third-party independent advertising service provider, eclicktech has established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with global heads and medium and long-tail high-quality media including Huge Engine, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., and accumulated services. More than 2,000 customers. In the past two years, more than 40 overseas companies have directly introduced, promoted and cooperated with eclicktech in Xi'an alone.


After years of development, eclicktech has become a leader in the industry. A Chinese unicorn company has been recognized by the government and the industry this year. In 2020 alone, it won the title of "Leading Cultural Enterprise in Shaanxi Province's Cultural Industry "Ten Hundred Thousand" Project" , The 13th Golden Investment Awards Bronze Award, and the 2019 Outbound Elite Partner of Giant Engine and other awards. "Let more Chinese brands go to the world", eclicktech insists on innovation and development. It has been approved by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's ChiNext Listing Committee meeting and will soon be listed on the ChiNext.

At the beginning of the year, eclicktech cooperated with Xi’an High-tech Zone to build the Xi’an Overseas Industrial Park, which was officially inaugurated. Now the establishment of the "Shaanxi Consumer Goods Industry Digital Construction Training Base" is eclicktech's use of its own data advantages, technical advantages and industry resource advantages to start with government departments. Innovative cooperation is another move to promote the development of local industries.

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