eclicktech won the 13th Golden Investment Award Bronze Award, and the customized cross-border e-commerce marketing case was recognized


On October 22, the 13th Golden Voucher Award Presentation Ceremony was grandly held. Under the consistent stringent selection criteria, after 108 jury selections, eclicktech and the "Hearing Aid Expert LUXATO Overseas Integrated Marketing Case" were successfully selected overseas Group Bronze Award! Participating and winning for the first time is a high recognition of eclicktech's customized cross-border e-commerce marketing case.


According to the organizer, the third-party independent vote-counting agency PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers showed that although the participating companies and works reached a new high this year, only the top20% of the works were still on the nomination list, and the gold award rate remained at 2 %[xss_clean_space]about.


Among world-renowned companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, NetEase, ByteDance, Baidu, iQiyi, and Kuaishou, eclicktech appears to be very low-key. Cooperated with eclicktech. In September, eclicktech just won the 2020 Alibaba "Supplier of the Year" award.

In the past ten years of development, eclicktech insists on technology-driven development and provides intelligent marketing services for the internationalization of enterprises. Through integrated services such as performance marketing, brand building, and vertical industry solutions, it helps companies to efficiently acquire users, enhance brand awareness, and realize commercialization on a global scale. Customers cover industries such as cross-border e-commerce, tool applications, content distribution and games. At present, it has served more than 2,000 customers.

The case that won the award this time is a brand new service launched by eclicktech in response to the new trend of cross-border e-commerce in recent years, which helps brands to go overseas in all directions and multiple channels. Based on the unique strategic positioning of the brand, with a strong supply chain and high product technology as a solid backing, the comprehensive multi-channel marketing strategy will help enterprises to advance to the upstream of the global industrial chain.


As a hearing aid e-commerce company founded in Chicago, USA in 2018, LUXATO has a supplier team with more than 20 years of R&D and production experience. In the initial stage of promotion of health products through the e-commerce model, both the policy and market acceptance levels are faced with huge challenges. This is reflected in the potential stratification of users and purchasers, audience purchase behavior characteristics, and audience purchase behavior characteristics of hearing aid users during the purchase stage. Traditional categories are quite different. It is difficult to achieve brand development for hearing aid products with high customer unit prices and heavy functionality based on effect marketing advertising alone.

As eclicktech's first project in this category, eclicktech conducted a detailed preliminary investigation. At the same time, try to "use online data to guide offline marketing" during the test, conduct DM marketing in areas where the advertising test effect is better, and conduct PR communication with professional media reports. The multi-level exposure of DM+PR has continuously deepened the brand impression and opened up the intermediate link from brand recognition to order conversion.

The data shows that under the influence of brand operation and maintenance and promotion for about half a year, the natural traffic on LUXATO's official website has increased significantly, and the conversion value of brand word search has continued to rise. What’s more surprising is that the user’s conversion age is no longer limited to the traditionally recognized elderly group over 60 years old, but instead broadens the audience over 30 years old, and this is also in line with the LUXATO brand audience age in the early stage of the brand building. Segment positioning is increasingly consistent.

As a new brand, in order to rapidly increase brand awareness, eclicktech has customized a marketing campaign for LUXATO based on its insights into hearing aid user attributes, targeting "price-sensitive + heavy topic + heavy experience + longer online shopping choices" and other characteristics: April 24 LUX MINI $99.99 limited time limited promotion will be launched on May 3rd. This marketing campaign is a breakthrough for this sub-category.


Marketing activities helped LUXATO quickly increase brand awareness and official website sales: during the event, social media activity (fan stickiness) increased twice; subscriptions and fans (brand interest) doubled. For the first time, a brand appeared in the second dissemination of customers' initiative to publish reviews and unboxing videos, which aroused discussion. At the same time, the official website transaction volume increased by 200% compared with the month before the event, and the number of orders increased by 4 times. Among them, repurchase orders doubled, user recommended purchase orders tripled, and gradually build brand reputation to feed back sales.

Through the case of LUXATO, it is not difficult to see that eclicktech has removed the traditional single effect marketing service label, and gradually moved towards the whole industry. One". This is also the deep reason why eclicktech, together with the people-friendly expert LUXATO hearing aid DTC brand, participated in the Golden Tou Award for the first time and was recognized.

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