A new chapter in school-enterprise cooperation | eclicktech and Xi'an Eurasia University reached a strategic cooperation

The official announcement is here!

Good news for eclicktech again!

Immediately after March 26, eclicktech officially announced its entry into the domestic smart marketing market, and has reached a process of cooperation with many well-known domestic information streaming media. eclicktech opened a new chapter in school-enterprise cooperation.

On the morning of April 1, eclicktech and Xi'an Eurasia University formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

Facing the vigorous development of new economy, new technology, and new business formats, the two parties will explore a wide-ranging and in-depth school-enterprise cooperation model in the future, create a new ecology of industry-university-research integration, and build a school-enterprise transportation link for international application-oriented talents to give full play to The efficiency of education + industry integration promotes the development of Shaanxi's digital cultural industry.

This signing is signed by the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee Education Working Committee, the Provincial Department of Education, second-level inspector Cao Yan, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, second-level inspector Shen Changyou, Xi'an High-tech Zone Management Committee deputy director Wang Hairuo and other government leaders and the founding of eclicktech Zou Xiaowu, chairman and chairman, Hu Jianbo, founder and chairman of Xi'an Eurasia University, and other guests witnessed the signing ceremony.

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The strategic cooperation between eclicktech & Xi'an Eurasia University is officially reached

eclicktech and Xi’an Eurasia University, respectively, as Xi’an’s first unicorn enterprise and Xi’an’s international talent cultivation colleges, will implement platform construction, laboratory co-construction, curriculum development, internship and employment under the win-win mechanism of in-depth integration and shared development. Create deep-level cooperation in student activities and teacher training.

The establishment of a strategic cooperation project team, and the establishment of a "talent training base" and "internship training base", specially hired key employees of eclicktech and Xi'an Eurasia University as corporate mentors and special consultants.

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On-site unveiling ceremony

As a local enterprise in Xi’an, eclicktech has been deeply involved in the intelligent marketing industry for 10 years. Its platform data covers more than 200 countries and regions around the world. Its customers cover industries such as cross-border e-commerce, tool applications, content distribution and games, including Alibaba, Tencent, NetEase, Well-known enterprises such as Kuaishou and iQiyi.

In addition, eclicktech officially announced the launch of its domestic smart marketing business. It has established in-depth cooperation with platforms such as Huge Engine, Kuaishou, Tencent, and Station B. It has been recognized by customers in a short period of time and has already served APUS, Sel Well-known companies such as Light of Light, Land of Wind, Keep, Facetune2, Global Purchase of Knight Cards, etc.

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eclicktech&Xi'an Eurasia University strategic cooperation project team was established

With its own rapid development, eclicktech will help Shaanxi Province to cultivate sustainable development of overseas industry talents as the foundation, and establish an Internet talent base with Yidian Tianxia as a pilot platform, so that outstanding talents from Xi’an universities can learn in Xi’an and stay in Xi’an , To help the development of Xi'an.

This cooperation is the first and crucial step for school-enterprise cooperation. eclicktech will take it as its mission to stimulate the integration of production, education and research in Shaanxi Province, build a platform for cooperation and exchange between production, education and research, and a big data and artificial intelligence research center, form a school-enterprise cooperation ecosystem, and enhance the industry of universities and research institutes for the research and development of intelligent manufacturing. Efficiency and achieve a win-win situation for industry-university-research and research, thereby promoting the deep integration of industry-university-research and application.

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