eclicktech welcomes two awards and outstanding partner awards at the 2018 Google Partner Summit!

On November 14, 2018, at the "2018 Google Greater China Partner Summit", Click Tech Limited (also known as eclicktech) was pleased to mention the "Mobile Advertising Innovation Award" and the "Online Expansion Business Award" in Mainland China-B2C Export and Foreign Trade field". In addition, Click Tech Limited (also known as eclicktech) and many outstanding companies won the "2018 Excellent Partner Award".


"Mobile Advertising Innovation Award" awards scene


"Online Business Expansion Award-B2C Export and Foreign Trade Field" awards scene

"2018 Google Greater China Partner Summit" is the largest annual event in Google Greater China. This conference invited nearly a hundred Google partners in Greater China, including eclicktech. Yeahmobi was invited to participate in the summit as the winner. In addition, eclicktech customer Heywind founder Huang Mimi was invited as an ideal partner to participate in the conference and share experience with everyone.

Heywind is a cutting-edge cross-border e-commerce startup company dedicated to transforming China's strong consumer product manufacturing capabilities into innovative brand capabilities and market power in the global market through the Internet. And eclicktech, as its old partner in the sea, provides it with diversified creative materials and multiple distribution channels. At this conference, eclicktech and its old customer Heywind witnessed the glorious moment together!


The conference reviewed and summarized the development of Google Greater China in 2018, and looked forward to the future. The conference shared AI applications, Google Ads fun events, Google marketing solutions and other content.


eclicktech is an excellent partner recognized by Google. eclicktech has maintained in-depth and friendly cooperation with Google. eclicktech has won relevant awards from Google for four consecutive years.


Since its inception, eclicktech has been committed to building a global mobile marketing platform to make the world more peaceful. Help mobile applications, mobile games, cross-border e-commerce, etc. in China and even the world go global; continuously optimize product and platform processing capabilities through mobile Internet advertising, big data, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies; continue to invest in technology research and development, in cross-border e-commerce Commercial, mobile games and other sub-fields launched personalized vertical industry solutions.

Receiving the "Mobile Innovation Award" is Google's recognition of eclicktech's leading position in the mobile industry for many years. eclicktech's years of service experience has helped various domestic and foreign APP companies to obtain high-quality users. In 2018, they have cooperated with many companies. Large customers. eclicktech adheres to a 100% cooperative attitude, customer-oriented, fully understands customer needs, accurately grasps customer pain points, provides customers with high-quality services in all directions, improves advertising effects and improves customer satisfaction.

In terms of game overseas business, eclicktech helps customers grow rapidly in popular overseas destinations, and serves more than 20 such customers. For example, "Idle Girl" and "Miracle Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen" have achieved outstanding results in the local Japanese market, with peak daily averages Bring 5000+ high-quality users!

As a good partner for cross-border e-commerce to go overseas, eclicktech has many resources to provide customers with marketing services support. We have served more than 300 Top customers in 22 industries and served more than 10 million e-commerce product SKUs. In terms of online resources, eclicktech overseas branches have signed a large number of high-quality overseas local Internet celebrities, and aggregated overseas self-media and online alliance resources. In addition, eclicktech is an excellent partner of major search platforms, such as Google, and major social platforms, such as Facebook and Russian VK. YeahTargeter, an artificial intelligence delivery tool independently developed by eclicktech, aggregates multi-channel traffic. In addition, we will provide customers with diversified and customized excellent creative materials, continue to test and optimize, help achieve efficient conversion, and maximize ROI for customers!

The award-winning! In the future, eclicktech will continue to use its technology and resource advantages to help more Chinese companies achieve internationalization and go global.

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