Create a new highland for the offshore industry "China's Xi'an Sea Industrial Park" officially unveiled.

On April 1, 2020, the "China Xi'an Overseas Industrial Park" was officially inaugurated in Xi'an High-tech Zone. It is understood that the "China's Xi’an Overseas Industrial Park" will use the Internet to use big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies to empower regional innovation and enterprise development, and integrate Shaanxi’s high-quality products, services, technology, historical and cultural resources. Bring to the world.

After the project is completed, it is expected that within five years, it will create a tens of billions of emerging industries for Xi'an, establish an overseas industry alliance, and form a clustering effect, attract and cultivate a group of high-end management, high-tech, innovative and entrepreneurial talents, and drive more than 2,000 employment in the industry.


Zhong Hongjiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Xi'an Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the High-tech Zone, Qi Haibing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of the Xi'an High-tech Zone, and eclicktech CEO Zou Xiaowu jointly unveiled the "China Xi'an Overseas Industrial Park".

Lan Xianghui, co-founder of eclicktech, introduced the "1165N" strategy specially created for China's Xi'an Overseas Industrial Park, which is to build a China's Xi'an Overseas Industrial Park and play the leading role of the platform; settle in a group of industry potential enterprises to create a new global innovation highland ; Build 6 major industry service platforms to support the common needs of companies going overseas; gather 5 types of professional overseas services to improve the ecology of the overseas industry; leverage N-type overseas innovative enterprises to cultivate a group of Chinese brands.


In recent years, in the tide of mobile Internet, Chinese companies have continued to go overseas. The "2019 China Overseas Industry Research Report" shows that in the past 5 years, the revenue of Chinese games in overseas markets has increased by nearly 15 times. Among the top 35 global mobile games, Chinese companies are on the list, and among the top ten daily active apps in the world, China occupies half of the country.

As the operator of the "China Xi’an Overseas Industrial Park", eclicktech focuses on corporate overseas services and has established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with international media giants including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., helping more than 2,000 companies Sailing to the sea, including Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, NetEase, ByteDance, Baidu, Kuaishou, SHEIN, Lazada and other well-known companies.


Xi'an is the starting point of the “Belt and Road” city, and the pace of “going out” is also accelerating. The establishment of "China's Xi'an Overseas Industrial Park" will give full play to the regional industrial advantages, radiate, support, and reserve a number of outstanding export-oriented enterprises, and build a high-quality Internet overseas platform for Xi'an. "China's Xi'an Overseas Industrial Park" will not only become a new engine for entrepreneurship and a source of Internet innovation, but also a new business card for the innovative city of Xi'an.

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