Recognized again!eclicktech won the 2020 Alibaba "Supplier of the Year" award

On September 16, the 2020 Alibaba Economy Purchasing Alliance Supplier Conference was grandly held. With its excellent overseas marketing and promotion service capabilities, eclicktech stood out from tens of thousands of suppliers and won the Alibaba Group’s "Supplier of the Year" award. It is also the only company among overseas marketing suppliers that has won this honor! Zou Xiaowu, founder and CEO of eclicktech, accepted this honor on behalf of the company.


Awards scene & trophy (Click Tech Limited is a subsidiary of eclicktech))

Since June 2019, eclicktech, as the annual core framework agency supplier of Alibaba Group, has established a dedicated team to provide head media advertising agency services for its main overseas e-commerce products/business units and dozens of non-e-commerce products. . The service content involves the formulation of delivery strategies, optimization of advertising construction, material production and processing, data analysis and summary, etc. The eclicktech service team relies on industry-leading professional capabilities to ensure the effective implementation of Alibaba Group's globalization strategy from the marketing side. This award also represents the high recognition of eclicktech by the industry's top companies.


As a technology-driven enterprise international intelligent marketing service provider, eclicktech has customized personalized delivery tools for Alibaba's advertising, which can realize the automatic docking, viewing and comparison of large-scale advertising data.

At the same time, the company's various independent research and development tool platforms have also greatly improved the efficiency of advertising. Among them, creative automation tools can realize the large-scale, intelligent, mass-produced, creative optimization, and creative evaluation of advertising creatives.

Technology depends on the accumulation of independent research and development, and there is no shortcut to service. Since 2011, the company has served more than 2,000 companies. Therefore, eclicktech has relevant experience, talents, and data model reserves for various products and business unit needs of Alibaba, which can meet various needs of different categories at the same time. In addition, eclicktech has also established a special service team of senior optimizers who have been deeply involved in overseas advertising for many years to achieve 7*24 hours of zero-day response.

Based on the above advantages, eclicktech has helped Alibaba Group achieve rapid overseas growth in the past year. The most representative one is that a certain e-commerce product of Alibaba increased its spending to a peak during Double Eleven and exceeded expectations in achieving conversion rate, ROI and other goals.

In the future, eclicktech and Alibaba will carry out deeper cooperation, with the help of technical force, effectively assisting the continuous expansion and deepening of Alibaba's globalization strategy.

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