Exclusive operation of U.S. online sales eclicktech helps Grin expand against the trend.


The global new crown epidemic continues to ferment, causing the cross-border e-commerce industry to encounter the biggest dilemma since its birth. According to the "Hugo.com First Quarter Cross-border E-commerce Industry Research Report", 100% of the surveyed sellers have orders declining, and nearly 30% of sellers’ sales have fallen by more than half.

But at the same time, the epidemic also gave birth to the outbreak of the "home economy", and the fields of household necessities, leisure and entertainment ushered in the dividends of the times.

Under the drastic changes, eclicktech seized the opportunity to become the exclusive operator of the US online sales (independent station) of the leading high-end natural oral care brand Grin, helping Grin embark on a journey of expansion against the trend. Prior to this, the two parties had cooperated in the New Zealand market and helped Grin achieve an average daily turnover increase of 150% in online performance.


Grin has successfully developed a series of high-quality products such as natural gum protection toothpaste, whitening toothpaste, children's toothpaste, carbon bamboo toothbrush and cornstarch toothbrush in joint cooperation with New Zealand dentist experts and government scientific research institutions. Since the birth of the first product in October 2015, Grin has become the only natural care brand on the shelves of New Zealand dental clinics with its natural and organic professional quality.

At the same time, Grin actively fulfills its corporate social responsibility. Advocating the co-building of a green, environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle and focusing on creating value for society is the brand philosophy of Grin. Grin actively devotes itself to global public welfare undertakings, fulfilling corporate social responsibility and creating social value by promoting technological innovation in the oral care industry and environmental education "share a grin" and other public welfare activities.

With the growing maturity of the offline market in Australia and New Zealand, and the development needs to increase the influence of global brands, Grin has actively entered the United States after entering the Chinese market.

At this time, with the global outbreak of the new crown epidemic, online sales of daily necessities have surged. In order to seize business opportunities, eclicktech exclusively operates local independent stations on the basis of traditional marketing services, and provides comprehensive services such as marketing and operations in the United States.


In only half of the traditional construction period, eclicktech realized the official launch of Grin's American stand-alone station.

At the same time, based on advanced industry insights, eclicktech's cross-border e-commerce solutions team has been emphasizing the importance of brand layout in recent years and building a brand "moat". Therefore, eclicktech also uses a variety of methods such as social media operations and public welfare activities to promote sales and brands at the other to create a benign ecosystem with long-term growth for products and brands.

The epidemic also confirmed the accuracy of the eclicktech e-commerce solution team's predictions-companies with good brand power can have greater resilience and resistance to emergencies, while companies without mature brands. It will face a vicious cycle of reduced marketing costs and sales will continue to decline.

It can be said that brand building investment is one of the indispensable strategic investments for cross-border e-commerce companies.

eclicktech is a technology-driven international intelligent marketing service company for enterprises. It is committed to providing customers with global marketing and promotion services. Through integrated services such as effect marketing, brand building, and vertical industry solutions, it helps companies to efficiently acquire on a global scale. Users, enhance brand awareness, and realize commercial realization. Customers cover industries such as cross-border e-commerce, tool applications, content distribution and games. At present, it has served more than 2,000 customers, including Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, NetEase, ByteDance, Baidu, Kuaishou, iQiyi, SHEIN, Lazada and other well-known companies.

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