Poor advertising conversion effect? Take you to unlock the correct way to open Facebook AAA!


Friends of the @APP category, ROI is an important concern for everyone. I want every penny to be spent on the most valuable advertising display, but often the ideal is very beautiful, but the reality is skinny. Many campaigns have been built, a lot of testing, and time is spent, but the ROI does not rise but falls. It is even more difficult to maintain stable advertising performance during large-scale marketing. How to crack it?

Today, I would like to introduce you to Facebook automated app ads (automated app ads), also known as Facebook AAA. Through automation, it can bring more user actions we care about, and help us achieve our goals with fewer campaigns and shorter time. .

1. First acquaintance with Facebook AAA (automatic application advertising)

■ The advertising level is simpler and the operation is less

Aiming at the optimized and improved advertising model for app installs, app time and value, AAA helps to achieve better results. In addition, the new optimization goal "balanced app installs and app events" can balance the value of optimized app installs and app events (only shopping events) in a single campaign.

In layman's terms, AAA can use a simplified structure. It only requires us to launch a campaign, an ad combination and an ad, which reduces the number of ads and operational settings, and can effectively avoid audience overlap.


■ Machine learning automatically optimizes ads, making it more efficient

AAA can achieve marketing to a large number of users on more platforms. We only need to enter the app store, country/region and optimization target, and the machine can help us reach more high-quality audiences. And according to the settings, machine learning can help the ad delivery system determine where to show the best ads.

During the delivery process, dynamic material optimization will also automatically test creative combinations to show users the best-performing ads.


■ Maintain a stable advertising performance while expanding the scale of marketing

As we increase our budget, machine learning and automation can help us maintain stable advertising performance for a long time, so that we don’t need to spend a lot of time on monitoring. On the other hand, when high-quality ideas bring lasting and stable results, we don’t need to update our ideas frequently.

success case

After Rovio used AAA to promote its game "Pumpkin Candy", compared with their regular app install ads, the number of campaigns required for AAA to achieve similar results was reduced by 50%, and the number of conversions from paying users in 7 days increased by 33 %. (Data comes from Facebook success stories, August 2020)

Two, 5 steps to create Facebook AAA

■ Choose to create AAA

In the ad management tool, select the "App installs" goal, and then select the campaign type as "Auto app ads."

Tips; Use a suitable name for the AAA series so that it can be easily found in the advertising management tool report.

■ Positioning

Enter your "app name" and select the app store, country/region, and language you want to target.

■ Optimization

AAA provides four optimization goals to choose from

APP Installs (APP installation volume optimization)

APP Installs with APP Events (balance APP installs and application event optimization)

APP Events (application event optimization)

Value (value optimization)

Tips: Choose an optimization goal based on your key performance indicators and/or manually applied advertising settings currently in use. If you currently use a combination of optimization and positioning strategies, it is recommended to continue to use this scheme in AAA.

■ Bidding and budget

Set auction type, budget, and flight schedule


1. Setting a bid limit can help control costs, but it may limit your effectiveness. This is because the longer the ad is running, the opportunity to show may become limited.

2. Adopting the lowest-cost bidding strategy can help ads get more results while ensuring that all budgets are used up.

■ Advertising creativity

Upload creatives, support uploading up to 50 images/video materials, 5 paragraphs of text and 5 headlines. Then, check and publish the ad.

Reminder: If you have not achieved better advertising effects, it is recommended to upload the maximum number of materials allowed as much as possible, that is, 50*5*5 (50 different pictures or videos, 5 headlines and 5 descriptions) creative combinations of advertisements.

Through the above 5 steps, we can easily create an AAA series. For each app store, country/region, and language, we can create a campaign for each optimization type. As shown in the figure below, "balanced app installs and app events" and "app events" are two different optimization types. Campaigns targeting them all need to set up an app event, even if different app events are selected. Create two AAAs with the same optimization type.


3. Obtain reports & analyze data

After the advertisement has been put on for a period of time, we can segment the data by time, country/region, app store, and advertisement creativity to learn more about the performance of AAA. The specific operation method is as follows:

■ In the advertising management tool, select the campaign you want to view performance analysis, and then go to the "Ads" tab;

■ From the "Segment Data" drop-down menu, select "By Dynamic Material", and then select "Pictures, Videos, and Slides";

■ Click the "Column" drop-down menu, select the preset option or click "Customize Column".


After selecting the custom column item, save it as a custom report and name it with an easily distinguishable name, which is convenient for reviewing data and applying report settings to current or other campaigns.

Four, AAA machine learning

The machine learning stage of AAA is no different from other advertisements. Its learning duration is the same. Once the performance is stable, that is, after about 50 conversions are obtained within 7 days, the ad group will end the machine learning stage. It should be noted that advertising management tools will not mark the machine learning stage of AAA.


In order to prevent the machine from restarting during the learning phase, please do not change the following settings until the ad performance is stable:

■ Targeting: including app store, country/region and language

■ Optimization: optimization goal

■ Bidding: including budget and bidding strategy

■ Creativity: add new ideas, delete ideas, change text

Five, creative skills

■ Upload as many ideas as possible

Allows the system to explore and test to the maximum to find the best creative combination (50*5*5, that is, 50 images/video materials, 5 paragraphs of text and 5 titles). Therefore, AAA can not only be used to promote effectiveness, It can also be used as a means of testing creative strategies.

Creative test suggestions:

1. Which creative theme/concept performs best

2. Which image best presents creativity

3. Which key game advantages and copywriting resonate most with the target audience

4. How do different visual expressions and copywriting perform in different markets?

■ Consider the collocation between copywriting and visual materials

1. When the creative theme is the same, try different copywriting that is more personalized, more specific, and directly related to the creative

2. When creative themes are different, try a universal copy that is suitable for multiple game creatives

■ The best suggestion for AAA's material creativity

1. Incorporate game brand information through graphics cards or image overlays at the beginning and end

2. Use a strong call to action

3. Consider the effect of silent playback in the design (to avoid sudden sound that frightens users and causes them to shut down immediately)

4. Use fast-paced short videos and keep the duration within 15 seconds (the video should grab the audience’s attention from the beginning)


1. Note that AAA is not a panacea. We can create an A/B test with no audience overlap for manual application advertising and AAA, so as to determine which method is more suitable for our business;

2. If the manual app install ads we currently use are dynamic ads, it is not suitable for conversion to AAA; in addition, if our ultimate goal is to increase the utilization rate of APP, AAA is not suitable because it currently only supports app install targets ;

3. AAA should try on a small scale as soon as possible without delay. This is mainly based on the dividend period of the new product + the hidden worries of the IOS14 privacy policy;

4. When using AAA, you still have to follow the regular purchase logic: download-pay-value;

5. The use of materials should be standardized: at this stage, due to AAA violations caused by material problems, it is temporarily impossible to locate specific materials;

6. AAA data is better than ad group status reminder: Ad group will also have data during review.

This issue of dry goods will be shared here, I hope it will be helpful to everyone! To improve the conversion effect of advertising, eclicktech can help you.



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