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The update of Apple iOS 14 is undoubtedly a major change for the entire mobile Internet industry, and user privacy protection has been elevated to an unprecedented level.

Specifically, when users open apps on iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and tvOS 14, a prompt will appear, allowing or denying tracking as needed, which is also part of Apple's App Tracking Transparency ("ATT") policy.


1.The main impact of iOS 14 on Facebook's advertising system

1. Remarketing: Remarketing to users will be affected.

2. Data reporting: Because the behavior of these users cannot be tracked, the data that can be seen in the future may disappear or become less accurate.

3. Optimization: Because some of the previously used optimization data may be gone, the optimization model that Facebook itself has been running may also be affected.

4. Crowd positioning: As some behavior data cannot be traced, the positioning based on these behavior data will also be affected and may become inaccurate or even disappear.

This not only refers to the positioning that we can use in the Facebook advertising backend, but also includes Facebook's own positioning optimization mechanism. A lot of data can be collected before, Facebook can make more accurate classification of these users, and make predictions on user behavior, now due to the lack of data, this part may also be affected.

2. What do you think of Facebook and Google?

According to reports, Facebook issued an open letter "Speech for Small Businesses and Revolt against Apple's New Policy" to express its core position. Personalized advertising and user privacy can coexist, and the collateral damage caused by the new iOS 14 policy can also be avoided.

At the same time, Facebook has also actively taken countermeasures against the iOS14 policy:

1. Apple's data tracking tips will be used on Facebook and Instagram platforms;

2. iOS 14 users who agree to Apple's data tracking prompts will continue to collect their device advertising identifiers (IDFA);

3. For advertisers who use application business tools, we will provide support to help them use the limited-function Apple mobile application effectiveness measurement solution SKAdNetwork API;

4. Advertisers who use website business tools will continue to provide limited effectiveness measurement services on certain website events for iOS 14 users through the new data sharing agreement Aggregated Event Measurement.

According to a foreign media MacRumors report, in response to this upcoming change, Google announced that once Apple’s new policy takes effect, Google will stop collecting IDFA (advertiser identifiers) for “a few” iOS apps currently used for advertising purposes. Therefore, Google said that it will not need to display Apple's tracking permission prompt in its iOS app.

3. How do advertisers who use the Facebook advertising system respond?

eclicktech recommends that you do a detailed analysis of the current impact of the policy on your business, for example: are you an advertiser who uses APP conversion or web page conversion, and the sales brought by iOS devices in your main traffic source What is the proportion of the amount? These are the basis for measuring the degree of influence.

So how to deal with it specifically, the editor puts forward some measures for Facebook to respond to the iOS14 policy:

First, advertisers’ response to app conversions

1. Update SDK, update to 8.1 or above

If you are using the Facebook SDK, please update to version 8.1 or above

2. Configure conversion settings that are suitable for advertising

If advertisers are using the Facebook SDK and app event API, remember to configure conversion settings for ads: campaigns that use app event optimization or value optimization, and automatic app ads that balance mobile app installs and app event optimization. If advertisers are working with mobile application effectiveness measurement partners, they must understand the SKAN integration and conversion settings they use.

3. If the advertiser is using any application business tools

If advertisers are using any application business tools, such as Facebook SDK, application event API, etc., they need to be prepared to use the "allow advertiser tracking" flag to instruct Facebook to restrict the use of data on a single event basis.

4. If the advertiser is only using the application event API

If the advertiser is only using the application event API, please be prepared to follow the instructions in the event management tool to integrate the SKAN API.

5. Create a separate advertising account for each application

A separate advertising account is created for each application, and the user manages all installed advertisements placed on iOS 14 devices. Each application can create up to 9 campaigns, and each campaign can contain up to 5 ad groups with the same optimization type.

Secondly, advertisers' response measures for website conversion:

1. Verify your domain in the Facebook business management platform;

2. Determine up to 8 Pixel code events for each domain, set priorities for these events, and prepare for operation accordingly;

3. Pay attention to the changes in the statistical time window and update the automatic rules when necessary;

4. Determine ad optimization strategies that may need to be tested.

Specific operation tutorial reference:

The change has happened! eclicktech advises App advertisers to respond in advance under the foreseeable situation.

There is no doubt about the product upgrade of the iOS system. The iOS14 update this time may be just a step by Apple on the road of personal information security, just like a butterfly in Brazil flapping its wings gently, but subsequent problems may cause problems. A storm. For more news, eclicktech will continue to follow up and bring you to share!



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