There is material | What are the new possibilities for the "short video +" gameplay? Directly hit the new trend of the industry in 2021


In recent years, the short video industry has been advancing all the way, the entire industrial ecological chain has continued to develop, the "short video +" model has risen rapidly, and the entire industry has entered a relatively mature stage. So what are the possibilities in 2021, and how should it be deployed? The editor specially interviewed Chris, the director of the Video Creative Center, to share!


1. Short video + education, short video + great health

In the stage of rapid development of short videos, domestic short videos have spread from platforms to various fields. The fields of beauty, funny, food, and games have gradually matured. Short videos have gradually become important marketing channels for major advertisers.


In this regard, Chris said that despite the attempts of short video marketing in many industries, online education short videos are currently performing strongly, once again allowing the education and training industry to release strong potential. According to our service data, it can now be foreseen in the next few years. Because of the continuous growth in demand, education short video marketing is still a hot spot; followed by the general health category. Due to repeated global epidemics and people's own health concerns, the general health category short videos have attracted more and more attention from users.


2. High-quality creativity and user experience are critical

In 2021, the short video industry is relatively mature. How to use short videos to attract more users and get marketing out of the circle?

The first is the good experience that the platform brings to users. At present, various head short video platforms have been developing online live broadcast services, and are seeking in-depth cooperation with other content creators to innovate, and at the same time develop new features to enhance creators and users. Interactivity, enhance the user experience.

Secondly, Chris said that a video material that can attract a lot of users' attention in a few seconds, in addition to the level of production, high-quality creativity is the key. The creation process of short videos is not only subjective, but also scientific. From product features to user portraits, the tone of the media platform, including Douyin, Kuaishou, the multi-directional output of video creative strategies (for example: curiosity, hotspots), script writing, actors shooting, post-editing, etc., the whole The process has formed a set of scientific and systematic methodology unique to the team as we slowly accumulate, which will ensure the response speed of our team and the quality of creativity.


3. Originality is supreme, production tends to be more professional, refined and standardized

In the past, due to low entry barriers for short videos and few self-censorship mechanisms, a large number of vulgar content and content plagiarism were gradually exposed in the context of rapid industry development. In recent years, the country has stepped up its supervision of the short video industry, and media platforms have become more and more stringent in reviewing short videos, encouraging originality. We believe this is a direction that must be adhered to in such a general environment.

Chris emphasized that in the face of the increasingly diversified needs of users, the challenge of creating original content will be greater. This requires a more professional production team, a more standardized production process, and a very strong full chain capability from front-end to back-end, and the entire operation The process is refined.

At present, we not only build a huge shooting base, but also invest more energy in team creative talents. In 2021, the team will be expanded to 100 people to promote the development of eclicktech's domestic digital marketing business. We believe in the tools that the team has served, Based on education and e-commerce, we will cover more industries this year.

Whether overseas or domestic, short video marketing has become an important channel, and it remains the same this year. eclicktech expects to help you open up communication channels at home and abroad through short videos and other efficient marketing methods in 2021, bring your innovative products to more users, and achieve new growth in the global market!



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