In-depth report | Why did eclicktech start to enter the domestic market after 10 years of deep cultivation?


On March 26, eclicktech officially announced its entry into the domestic intelligent marketing market and has reached cooperation with a number of well-known information streaming media in China. The move means that Yi Dian Tianxia has completed the marketing service layout of the three dimensions of enterprise going to sea, entering the sea and domestic, and can provide enterprises with one-stop marketing services on a global scale.

On March 30, Morketing conducted an in-depth report on the topic "Why did eclicktech start to enter the domestic market after 10 years of deep cultivation?" The following is the full content of the report.





易点天下网络科技股份有限公司VP张云超向Morketing透露,“去年,易点天下把国内媒体业务独立出来,在3个月内搭建好团队,并已经与巨量引擎、快手、腾讯、B站等多家国内知名媒体平台达成合作。” 可见,其开拓国内市场的投入很足。




The confidence to enter the country 

The development of eclicktech's domestic business is not a whim. It has the right time, the right place and the right people behind it. 


 epidemic, online education, online office, games, social networking and other racetracks ushered in a trend period. Users' online time is rising rapidly, and online entertainment consumption is also increasing. Data show that in 2020, the daily activity (DAU) of online office, online pharmacy, online education and other fields affected by the epidemic increased rapidly, and the growth rate of games doubled in 2019. 


 in this context, on the one hand, from the perspective of the overall channel, network channels have become a focus of the industry. On the other hand, from the media level, because of the gathering of more traffic, whether from the media itself or from the perspective of serving customers, more advertising spots will also be launched and more new gameplay will be added. 


 the surge in the demand for online education, online office, games, social and other categories of marketing, the plate of the entire marketing is also getting bigger. 


 eclicktech is based on this insight to see the "geographical" factors of domestic development. 


 intersect with the domestic market, the marketing method of overseas markets is relatively single. For example, on the main platforms for overseas e-commerce promotion, graphic forms account for more, while domestic marketing promotion forms are more diversified. Short video with goods and live with goods have penetrated into all walks of life. The reality is that domestic e-commerce, games, finance, online education and other industries are all making efforts in the short video field. 


 data show that the scale of short video users in China has increased significantly, exceeding 700 million in 2020 and expected to increase to 809 million in 2021. Following the trend of traffic development, the proportion of advertisers who increased short video delivery reached 78% in 2021. 


 to provide short video marketing services to advertisers more conveniently, although eclicktech has just entered the domestic market, it has established in-depth cooperation with platforms such as Ocean Engine, Kuaishou, Tencent and Bilibili to give full play to the unique "geographical" advantages in China.


In addition, eclicktech also holds the "harmony" brand in its hands, helping it get off to a good start in the domestic market. 


 with the impact of the epidemic and the international situation, many Chinese companies have begun to seek to expand domestic business, including many of eclicktech's old customers who have served overseas. Following the migration of customer needs, eclicktech has also started domestic marketing services, and started to serve old customers. Hero mutual entertainment is a typical case. Chang Rong, senior marketing director of 


 Hero mutual entertainment, frankly admitted, "When entering the Chinese market, we will definitely choose trusted partners to cooperate together." 


 in the dialogue with Morketing, Chang Rong mentioned two key points: 


 first, eclicktech has a stable cash flow, based on the previous cooperation accumulation, the two sides trust each other more, in the account management process less process, higher efficiency. For example, hero mutual entertainment needs to recharge 1 million in the account, eclicktech may be completed within 2 minutes. But if it is the first time to cooperate with the agent, you need to go through the recharge process to confirm, and then through the financial account to make money, in general, the fastest also need 2 working days, so advertising promotion efficiency is relatively low. 


 second, because the two sides trust each other, so when docking with the optimizer of eclicktech, Hero Mutual Entertainment can rest assured to open the account directly to each other, and eclicktech can also directly provide optimization and management suggestions for Hero Mutual Entertainment. However, if Hero Mutual Entertainment is facing an agent who cooperates for the first time, it will worry about problems such as data leakage. 


 factors of favorable weather, favorable geographical location and favorable human resources, so that eclicktech, which has just entered the domestic market, has taken advantage of the east wind.


Focus on short video marketing 

At present, short video is one of the most important and popular development directions in the industry. 


 However, the reality is that, on the one hand, short video production is in a relatively primitive stage. Almost every link, such as scripts, actors, and post-production, still relies on human production, and it is difficult to be replaced by machines or algorithms in the short term to achieve automation. This means that short video creation content material is relatively rough and lacks quality. 


 On the other hand, from the perspective of C-end users, short video content is becoming more and more rich, and users also have high-quality requirements for short video. 


 lack of quality on the production side, demand side requires quality, and two-way conflict has brought great distress to many advertisers. It is mainly reflected in four aspects: 


 First, the cost increases. If the short video material is uneven, it requires advertisers to increase the management cost of the agent. In the early stage of material production, advertisers need to screen materials internally to determine which materials are of high quality and which are poor. In the process, advertisers' labor costs and growth costs will increase accordingly. 


 Secondly, the impact on the brand. Short video material hides the risk of being complained or infringed. If such problems occur, it is equivalent to the sudden disappearance of the previous brand accumulation, which has a greater impact on the overall. 


 In addition, in the same industry, the inferior advertising of other advertisers will also affect the brands of the same industry. Similar to the red envelope version of the game advertising, "users only need to download the game, play for 5 minutes can receive 100 yuan", when users see more of this kind of less real advertising, will not trust the game manufacturer. For those who do not do this kind of advertising in the same industry advertisers, is also a great harm, will increase the probability of advertising effect is not trusted by users. The direct impact of advertising without trust on advertisers is that the brand trust is reduced, the conversion rate is getting lower and lower, and it is more and more difficult for users to obtain. 


 again, popular things material has no standard. Under normal circumstances, when popular things more material, the better the advertising effect, advertisers get the traffic effect is relatively good. However, the industry lacks a clear standard and definition of popular things material, which means that the more refined advertising becomes things popular material, the higher the probability. However, this probability is less than 10%. 


 that is, if advertisers need 100,000 yuan to make a high-quality short video material, then continuously invest 1 million yuan, there is also the possibility of not being able to make a popular things material. 


 Finally, the accumulation of quantity is essential. Data show that the number of new video material advertisements exceeds 20,000 every day. Advertisers generally find that when placing advertisements, the number of short video materials must reach a certain standard before they have the opportunity to become popular things materials. This means that the creation of popular things materials requires advertisers to consume a lot of time, energy, capital and other costs. Advertisers need to balance this with the number of popular things materials. 


 take the game industry as an example to further illustrate that a certain game needs to prepare at least 400 pieces of material before it can be launched to produce a quality material. So, how to ensure the high quality of short videos while meeting the needs of users? This puts forward higher requirements for the short video creative teams of many advertising and marketing agencies, that is, to achieve the pursuit of quantity while meeting the user's requirements for short video quality. This requires marketing service providers to produce more high-quality short video materials for advertisers with limited input. The cost of short video creative materials mainly lies in the scenes, costumes, props, actors, etc., and the quality of the materials lies in the plot and richness of the story, so this requires marketing service providers including eclicktech to invest more in creativity to help advertisers solve the corresponding problems. So, how to solve these problems? Eclicktech proposes a "perceptual marketing" strategy solution.



For the improvement of short video quality, eclicktech has its own way, which is also the key point of whether it can soar. 


 after a few years of brutal growth in short video marketing, users have become familiar with the routines and styles of short video advertising. Where is the new incremental space? Yeahmobi's judgment lies in the quality of short video. Its understanding of "quality" lies in allowing users to see the content that TA really wants to see of interest in the right scene and through the right channel, thus triggering the transformation process. 


 this, eclicktech has proposed a marketing strategy of "perceptual intelligence", that is, under the effect goal, through the dynamic combination of data, strategy and creativity, the brand value is finally transmitted in the effect advertisement. 


, data is the foundation, a vast amount of rational material for user behavior, and strategy is a tactical response based on rational data materials. The two are hidden behind the scenes. What is really in front of the stage is creativity - an emotional expression that meets the emotional expectations of the advertiser's target audience and brand positioning. 


 "High-quality short video materials have several characteristics, such as the richness of content, the brilliance of the story, and the fineness of shooting scenes, costumes, and props." Pang Shuai, eclicktech's domestic media business director, pointed out during a dialogue with Morketing. 


 to this end, eclicktech set up an original short video shooting team and base at the beginning of the establishment of the domestic business project team. At present, the team has more than 50 members, including some who came from cinema filmmakers. 


 different from traditional video advertising, the production speed of short video footage often affects the post-publicity effect. Therefore, the internal team of Easy Point World requires "4 hours of efficient production", that is, 1 hour of creative mining, 1 hour of script creation, 1 hour of material shooting, and 1 hour of post-production. In this way, the production efficiency of short videos is controlled according to the process, so as to match the marketing rhythm of advertisers.














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