These two-dimensional games in South Korea are attracting attention in 2021


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Madcube is a pan-entertainment industry solution studio under EasyPoint. It has established a professional full-case marketing service team in Japan and South Korea, focusing on providing Chinese customers with in-depth insights into overseas markets, providing differentiated brand positioning, and producing localized ideas Materials, accurately match the promotion channels around the core needs and pain points of customers, and help Chinese brands successfully go overseas.

There have been many large and small two-dimensional works online in South Korea for a long time, and there are also many successful Chinese manufacturers. There will be a lot of new two-dimensional works online in South Korea this year, and several anticipated works have also been released at the beginning of the year. Let Xiao M give you a brief introduction.

"Blessings for a better world M"(크노스바 M)


The original light novel with a different world as the background has been loved by many fans around the world. According to the usual routine of the big IP, "Blessings for a Beautiful World" goes from novels to animations to games. After the game was launched in Japan in February 2020, the highest sales reached the third. The game uses the voice actors in the animation works to dub the game, and invites the singer Machico of the anime opening song to sing the theme song for the game.

In addition, the game also restores the characteristics of the characters in the original to the greatest extent. For example, the protagonist He is really a dick with low fortune. He has a low ability index in another world, and often gets involved in various troubles because of his friends. Considering his characteristics, Kazuma has almost no nirvana. South Korea is expected to go online this year and will be issued by the major manufacturer NEXON.



"NIKKE" is a beautiful girl game recently developed by the game company Shift Up, which became famous for the beautiful girl game "Children of Destiny". The game screen uses 2.5D technology, which is more spatial and three-dimensional than "Son of Destiny". The project was released in 2019, and it is said to be the game with the highest evaluation for gameplay and development in the Shift up company's internal creative solicitation competition. The story is set in a space facing the end of the world, aliens invade, and humans are expelled to survive underground. In order to recapture the earth, humans created the Android life form "NIKKE" to fight for themselves.

"NIKKE" is a third-person shooter, but the operation is relatively simple. Shooting can be done automatically, just choose to dodge or shoot, and you can feel the charm of the character from multiple angles from the front or back. In addition, the game also has a multiplayer mode with up to 4 players. Players can enjoy more team battles by fighting side by side with friends.

"Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf"(버디크러시)


South Korea is a country that loves sports. In 2020, when it is deeply affected by the new crown and unable to go out and enjoy activities, many sports events have been cancelled. Sports fans can only obtain another online satisfaction through mobile games. Dena's mobile basketball game "Slam Dunk" and Netmarble's mobile baseball game "magu magu 2020 M" have achieved good results.

This year, the Korean veteran game manufacturer COM2uS launched a mobile golf game "Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf" on February 4th. Its biggest feature is to expand the plot according to the characteristics of each player; combined with animation elements, the operation is also simple. This allows players to easily enjoy the fun game of golf. "Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf" has over 1 million pre-registrations. As of the day the article was published, Googleplay was ranked in the top five weekly downloads, and its popularity continued.

Pretty Derby(우마무스메 프리티 더비)


"Pretty Derby" is a beautiful girl mobile game produced by Cygames, and Ma Niang is the biggest feature of the game. The female characters in the game have horse-eared and horse-tailed human bodies. Since the public approval of the project in 2016, fans have craned their necks and waited for the "Horse Girl" to go online. Because of the enthusiastic reaction of fans, the official also produced anime, and the second season has been aired on January 4, 2021. The mobile version of "The Horse Race" is also launched on February 24.

"Koihime Dream Origin"(연희몽상 오리진)


"Koihime Dream Origin" is a mobile game based on the IP "Koihime Warriors" of the Three Kingdoms game. The Korean region is issued by with us. According to reports, the genders of the characters in the game "Koihime Dream Origin" are swapped with the genders of the original game, advocating that players feel the "different colors" of the Three Kingdoms. The pre-registration was opened in October last year, and the launch date has not yet been announced, but I must be able to meet the players soon.

"Soul War: Academy"(소울워커 아카데미아)


On February 1, YJM games released the game "Soul War: Academy", which is the mobile version of the terminal game IP "Soul War". The original "Soul War" is a beautiful boy academy MMORPG with a solid world view and plot, and has a group of loyal fans. "Soul War: Academy" inherits the gorgeous fighting style of the original, and sets a variety of PVP (1V1, 3V3) combat modes, players can enjoy a smooth and refreshing combat experience. In addition, various scenes such as hot springs, cafes, libraries, swimming pools, dormitories, water guns, BBQ parties, etc. allow players to experience interesting life mode play.

The pre-registration of "Soul War: Academy" also broke through the million mark. The pre-download started on January 30th received more than 100,000 times, and on February 3rd, it reached the top of the popular game rankings.

Two-dimensional games involve more cultural elements and more sensitive than games of other themes. These factors require our promotion and operation team to have a more sensitive and deeper grasp of local cultural sentiments. It is the key to market promotion to dig out your own unique characteristics to attract players and promote emotional connections between players and game characters.



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