The 200,000 budget order volume has increased by 4 times. How does this DTC brand do high ROI marketing?


Looking back at the early cross-border e-commerce independent station market, when the distribution model spreads all over the world, the importance of building a brand is often overlooked. Nowadays, more independent website sellers, especially some companies with supply chain advantages, have joined the DTC brand camp, quickly established brand image through overseas marketing, and harvested the first batch of seed users.


Speaking of the changes of independent stations in recent years, Lavy, head of brand operations for eclicktech's e-commerce solutions, believes that it can be summarized in three words: scale, station grouping, and branding. "SHEIN, a group of sellers who seized the early overseas dividends of cross-border e-commerce, has now formed a moat of its own scale and back-end supply chain; the station group has not yet reached the stage of exhaustion of the dividends, and some sellers will continue to chase The short-term benefits brought to them by the model; and the branding or DTC brand is what I want to emphasize. It tends to focus on a vertical segmentation field, which is small and beautiful, and has unique bright spots on the product side and user experience. , Has always been a trend." Lavy said.

LUXATO HEARING CORP, a hearing aid e-commerce company founded in Chicago, USA in 2018, chose to go overseas under the DTC brand business model. eclicktech focuses on all aspects of LUXATO's brand development, including brand strategy formulation, marketing content, channel management and creative optimization. The program "Luxato Overseas Integrated Marketing Case of Hearing Aid, People-Friendly Experts" planned by Yidian Tianxia successfully won the Bronze Award of the 23rd Golden Investment Award Overseas Group, which just came to a close not long ago.


What is the Golden Reward? As one of the most representative awards in the advertising industry, the biggest difference between Golden Investment Awards and other marketing creativity awards is ROI (Return on Investment) as the judging standard. In other words, the marketing projects that can obtain Golden Investment rewards have great reference value for domestic sellers in successfully realizing the brand going overseas.

In this exchange with Ebond Power, eclicktech revealed in detail how the "Luxato Hearing Aid Expert LUXATO Overseas Integrated Marketing Case" used a budget of 200,000 to 500,000 to increase the transaction volume by 200% and the number of orders during the LUXATO event. The high return rate of multi-dimensional effects such as multi-dimensional effect improvement such as the increase of 3 times of recommended purchase orders by users and users.

01 Challenge the monopolistic hearing aid market

Eclicktech found in the preliminary investigation that the hearing aid industry in the United States is highly competitive, and there is a significant trend of homogeneity among products. The main competitors have entered the offline market more than 40 years ago, and the mainstream market share occupied by leading companies is as high as 70%. For LUXATO, which just entered the United States in 2018, it is facing the pressure of being monopolized by giants in the offline market.

In 2017, the then-U.S. President Trump signed a new bill requiring the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to add a new category of OTC over-the-counter hearing aids. Adults with mild to moderate hearing loss can directly purchase OTC hearing aids through channels such as the Internet, supermarkets, and pharmacies. Prior to this, any hearing impaired patient must be tested and guided by professional hearing care professionals to choose hearing aids. This means that the monopolistic hearing aid market has opened new doors.


The relaxation of OTC over-the-counter sales policy, for the hearing aid brand LUXATO, can circumvent the FDA's barriers and achieve rapid breakthroughs through online sales. "However, a large proportion of the users of hearing aid products come from middle-aged and elderly users. They have the characteristics of'low-frequency online buying habits, heavy product experience, and product after-sales service', plus the high customer unit price attribute of the hearing aid product itself. , We can’t just do online marketing.” The eclicktechLUXATO project leader Spring pointed out to Yibang Power that, based on the market structure the brand faces and the characteristics of the target users, LUXATO needs to work together online and offline in specific marketing plans.

"Different from the fast-moving consumer goods or fashion clothing products that are already well-known by the public, hearing aids are a relatively special vertical category, so the specific marketing methods must be different." Spring said.

02 Periodic test data to guide online and offline marketing

In terms of online promotion, LUXATO launched short video promotion on major social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. around the theme of communication, and maintained high-frequency and high-quality fan interaction. In terms of offline promotion, traditional offline media brand promotion methods such as mailing of regular customer activities (DM direct mail), regional magazines, industry professional magazines, TV media advertisements, etc. were launched based on the characteristics of users in the US market. The way of exposure focuses on detonating marketing effects.

In terms of TV media channels, LUXATO users mostly belong to the age group over 50, have the characteristics of a preference for political news and focus on lifestyle and quality, and they choose to conduct public relations through news, finance, technology, TV, etc.

In terms of specific marketing activities, the team launched LUXMINI from April 24th to May 3rd, aiming at the attributes of LUXATO's target users such as "topic, experience, price sensitivity, and online shopping experience longer than the market". The $99.99 limited-time limited promotional event reflects the company's social responsibility under the new crown epidemic, and is accompanied by a series of brand promotion videos that reflect the warm family affection.


Regarding the integration of online and offline marketing, Spring pointed out that the team mainly explored online promotion in the early stage, but through the phased test data, feedback the relatively specific user characteristics of the offline marketing promotion end, and then explored offline. Reuse offline marketing to feed back online marketing, thus shortening the exploration cycle of the product-efficiency integration model.

In the exchange, Spring emphasized that the formulation of the marketing plan is a process of continuous optimization, which requires continuous judgment and strategic adjustment based on the dimensions of data testing and user feedback. Through this iterative marketing strategy, LUXATO's three-month additional purchase conversion rate increased by 20%, and additional purchase costs fell by 17%, which is better than the two key data of industry competitors.

At the same time, LUXATO's official website transaction volume during the promotional event has increased by 200% compared to the month before the event, and the number of orders has increased by 4 times. Among them, repurchase orders doubled, and user recommended purchase orders tripled, gradually building brand reputation and backfeeding sales.

03 Use Google Analytics and other tools to make accurate user portraits

In addition to the efficient integration of channels, the LUXATO project is also remarkable in the transformation of social media marketing.

According to the public data of ROI, LUXATO’s total short video views during its marketing activities exceeded 50,000+ times, social media activity (fan stickiness) increased 2 times, and subscriptions and fans (brand interest) doubled , For the first time, the brand has seen the secondary dissemination of customers actively publishing reviews and unboxing videos, which aroused discussion.

Spring told Ebond that the LUXATO project uses Google Analytics, hotjar, lucky orange tools, combined with professional data such as hearing aid CEA research, to funnel the broad market and characteristics of hearing aid users, and gradually narrow it down to LUXATO accurate user portraits, and on this basis , Expand traffic, segment different types of users for refined marketing optimization.


In this regard, Spring explained that due to the particularity of the hearing aid category, there is a potential hierarchical situation between buying and using users, which means that the people who buy hearing aids are not only hearing impaired people, but also their relatives and friends, so Brands need to accurately portray user portraits through a series of tools to improve the accuracy of marketing and social media placement.

In addition, the LUXATO brand has a Chicago team that undertakes localized customer service, logistics and content output; the R&D technical team has more than 20 years of R&D and production experience, and it is a reliable and reputation in the market. End supply chain team. Based on the above two points, Spring believes that LUXATO has great potential for DTC brand success, and the product strength that can withstand scrutiny and localized content creativity are undoubtedly an important prerequisite for creating high-quality social media content.


It is reported that the social media content launched by LUXATO is centered on live broadcast + short video, while holding small video classes for experts and small product operation classes, which are conducive to the extension and upgrade of user product experience.

It is worth mentioning that Spring revealed that after the team publishes content on social media, relatively large fan users will also conduct one-to-one communication and exchanges, and even supplement the traditional message and text communication. Ways of voice and video communication. "In this way, the trust between the brand and users is established, so that users always feel that the brand's products and services exceed expectations. This is particularly important in the long-term brand building process."

To sum up, the LUXATO hearing aid project adopts the integrated marketing model of “combination of product and efficiency”. In the early stage of the design of the plan, a detailed preliminary investigation was carried out. DM marketing is carried out in areas with good advertising test results, and the multi-level exposure of DM+PR professional media is used to continuously deepen the brand impression. In addition, through Google advertising machine learning, refined user positioning, and incremental improvement in unlocking conversion, it will finally bring a diversified innovative marketing model to the hearing aid brand LUXATO, which is worth learning from the industry.



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