Attention | MMORPG mobile games are hot! What "NEW bull" games will South Korea have in 2021 worth looking forward to?


In 2020, many industries have been affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic in a downturn and shrinking. However, with the increase of non-face-to-face activities, portable access mobile devices have shown obvious advantages. According to Sensor Tower statistics, Korean mobile games will be estimated in 2020. The annual revenue is at least about 4.6 billion U.S. dollars. Under such circumstances, the mobile game industry is heading up the wind and is full of wins.

According to App annie's December 2020 Korean mobile game Apple Google dual-platform flow of TOP10, eight become MMORPG mobile games. The two mobile games of South Korea’s number one IP Paradise have always dominated the top two. "Paradise M" has a monthly income of about 45 million U.S. dollars, leading other products and opening a very big gap with the back row players. (About twice the second place, and about nine times the tenth place).


As we all know, high-quality RPG game research and development has always been an asset that South Korea, a veteran game country, is proud of. In South Korea's local mobile game market, MMORPG has long occupied the market dominance and is the type of mobile game with the largest number of players. At the beginning of 2021, major manufacturers can't wait to release news of this year's masterpiece. Behind the waves of exclamation is the foreseeable bloody battle in the Korean MMORPG market this year.

So, let Xiao M take you to explore it first!


1. NCsoft

"TricksterM" (트릭스터M)

"Trickster" is a terminal game launched by NCsoft subsidiary Ntreev in 2003. It has been in operation for 11 years. Although it was discontinued in 2014, it was also a classic big IP that was once all the rage. "Trickster M" is known as the cute version of "Paradise". Currently, the number of pre-registrations has exceeded 3 million, which has attracted great attention from the market.

"Trickster M" retains the cute and lovely 2D design of the original and drill action and other gameplay features. At the same time, in the mobile game version, you can also see the unfinished plot of the end game that year, awakening the memories of a large number of old IP players, full of A sense of anticipation.


"Sword Spirit 2" (블레이드앤소울 2)

"Sword Spirit" is an IP masterpiece of the Oriental martial arts style, which has a high popularity in China and South Korea. "Sword Spirit 2" has been released as early as last year. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the product has been continuously postponed, which also drew the appetite of players. At the beginning of this year, the game party confirmed that the product is expected to meet the long-awaited players in the first quarter of this year.


The setting of the story of "Sword Spirit 2" is the future of the original hundreds of years later. Players can explore more unknown martial arts stories in the new era and new continent. According to the official release, "Sword Spirit 2" not only has a high degree of freedom of scene design, a realistic sense of martial arts graphics, a gorgeous martial arts fighting experience, and a system that allows game characters to transform into monsters or animals. Provide players with a higher degree of freedom of operation, a more realistic sense of fighting tension, and a richer game experience.

"Aion 2" (아이온 2)

"Aion 2" is another masterpiece that NCsoft plans to release this year. The story is set 900 years ago before the war between the heavens and the demons in "Aion". The main line is the dispute between the gods and the dragons. In addition to realizing free gliding and free exploration in all areas, players can also use the "fracture of time and space" to conduct cross-server battles for a more exciting game experience.


In addition, one of the characteristics of "Aion" is that it does not have a full-time concept. Players can choose the corresponding skills and weapons according to the battle environment and their own playing style to enjoy a more diverse game experience. In the words of the development team, "Aion 2" added everything that was not in the original.

"Aion" is a classic mobile game played by many Korean players skipping class and going to Internet cafes. Can the mobile game satisfy the players' desire to "return"? Let's wait and see in the second half of this year.

Two, Netmable

"Two Kingdoms: Interlaced World" (제2의 나라: 크로스 월드)

"The Kingdom of Two: Interlaced World" by South Korean giant Netmable is a mobile version of "The Kingdom of Two: The Queen of White Holy Ash" produced by Level-5 and Studio Ghibli. Ghibli’s classic anime style is impressive. With an open world setting, players can explore various small villages and dungeons.

Refreshing and smooth action, collected and cultivated Eudemons system and "Kingdom" combat system, etc., make this game the center of attention of the industry since its debut in G-STAR in 2019. Players are waiting for the work. . It is currently in production, and it is planned to be online this year.


"Seven Knights: Revolution" (세븐나이츠 레볼루션)

Although "Seven Knights: Revolution" is the same as the "Seven Knights 2" released in November last year, it is a series of Seven Knights IP. But it has a different planning direction from "Seven Knights 2". Unlike the realistic style of "Seven Knights 2", "Seven Knights: Revolution" adopts a comic style in the art scene, which is closer to the original work;


In terms of the setting of the story, it is also a more distant future than "Seven Knights 2". It tells the era when the heroes of the Seven Knights disappeared. The player became the protagonist of the game story. The heroes of the former Seven Knights were the avatars of the players. Use character cards to transform into a seven-knight hero, use double-edged swords, spears, cloud swords, arrows, sickles, shields and other weapons to change in real time for battle. At the same time, the gameplay of Hack and Slash Action is also a game. One of the highlights.

Three, Line games

"The Age of Great Navigation: Origin" (대항해시대:오리진)

Line games teamed up with Japan Koei Co. to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Great Sea Age and produced "The Great Sea Age Origin". The release plan originally scheduled for 2020 was postponed for some reason, and it is expected to set sail in 2021.


Produced based on the second highest rated part of the nautical series, the characters at that time will also appear in the game, reminiscent of the past 2D era. This game also supports multi-platform operation on mobile phones and computers.

"Origin of the Great Navigation Era" will be CBT on January 23, and related developments have attracted the attention of the industry.


Fourth, Thumb Age

"DEKARON M" (데카론 M)

DEKARON mobile games have been in operation for 15 years, and the production of mobile games has recently come to an end. It is planned to be launched online in 2021 to meet with the majority of players. The mobile game perfectly inherits the unique dark world view of the original game. It is the development team's goal to allow players to enjoy a refreshing strike while using powerful skills.

The director of Thumb Age Zheng Zaimu (정재목) said that the current development team is mainly doing some tasks to ensure the stability of the game. The game development has entered the final stage, and I believe that we can meet with the players soon.


Five, NXN

"Rise mobile" (라이즈 모바일)

"Rise mobile" is a mobile game version of Rise developed by South Korea’s NXN company. With the game raven, the company’s representative Liu Xihao (유석호) has set a record of six consecutive game awards, said, "The core gameplay of "Rise mobile" is not through hunting, but through The story develops to gain".

From the previously released trailers, you can also see the manufacturers' efforts to meet the demanding requirements of Korean players with the gorgeous and smooth fighting feeling of the game, and the exquisite medieval-style art graphics. The development team stated that Rise will first meet the players with PC games, and then launch the mobile game version after optimization.


Six, Kakao games

"Odin: The Rise of Valhalla" (오딘: 발할라 라이징)

The latest masterpiece of the Lionheart studio established by Kim Jae-young, who is famous for Blade, has participated in the Legend of Heroes of the Rocky, and the original artist Jin Fan of the Hyper universe served as the art director.

The subject of Nordic mythology often mentions world destruction. And the theme itself is too big, such games generally focus on a few specific characters before and after the destruction of the world. And "Odin" uses the destruction of the world as the background of the story, describing the conflicts of various races in the era only heard in mythology, creating an unprecedented world.

In the official open game, the monsters and the protagonist face off the scene pictures, the realistic pixels, and the huge difference in proportions between the humans and the beasts, bring super visual impact, make people burst into blood, and increase the sense of anticipation for the game. At the same time, the game will also support MOBILE and PC multi-platform operations.

Write at the end

It is not difficult to see that this year will be a year for Korean classic IP to continue to be active. Indeed, this can reduce the risk of investment to a certain extent and ensure the return of the game. However, as discovered through a large number of Korean player surveys, "the sense of anticipation is full of worries"-whether the memories of these classic games have brought players "Ye Qing Hui" or "Ye Qing Rui" What?

Chinese customers often ask, when can they avoid Korean masterpieces when they go public? um... I'm sorry, but I can't avoid it! In fact, in the face of many menacing Chinese game manufacturers, in addition to their confidence in having many classic IPs, the major Korean manufacturers also have a deep sense of crisis.

After all, with the continuous expansion of the mobile game market and the constant influx of new players, the diversification and innovation of game themes and content is the general trend of the future.

Xiao M firmly believes that the Korean mobile game market in 2021,

There will be more Chinese dark horses!

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