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Eclicktech’s Value

  • Driven by dreams

    We team up with people with dreams.
    The most pleasant thing in the world is fighting for the noble dream

  • Customer-oriented

    Customer value first all the time

  • Team players

    Others can say NO, but we will say YES

  • Pursuit of excellence

    We keep promises and shoulder responsibilities
    Any success today is a minimum requirement tomorrow


Overseas APP Optimizer

Job duties: 
1. Perform overseas marketing and promotion for customers via Facebook, Google, Tiktok, and other platforms;
2. Establish promotion strategies and programs based on customers’ overall marketing objectives, and deal with routine business and affairs;
3. Deal with the advertising, data analysis, and effect optimization of Facebook, Google, Tiktok and other platforms, be responsible for the optimization effects and KPI, communicate and cooperate with the fine arts team to provide novel, fruitful creative ideas and advertising materials;
4. Master the latest changes of overseas marketing channels, and try new marketing ways actively. 

1. Bachelor’s degree or above; 
2. One year of experience in advertising on Facebook, Google, Tiktok, and practical experience in the overseas promotion of several products; 
3. With outstanding quick learning ability and self-directed learning spirits, excellent logical thinking ability and data analysis ability;
4. With strong communication skills and flexible adaptation and good ability to solve problems independently;
5Rich experience in promoting mobile games and well-known Apps is preferred;
6CET-4, CET-6 or equivalent preferred.

Overseas E-commerce Advertising Optimizer

Job duties: 
1. Perform the advertising operation of customers going global on Google/Facebook and Tiktok;
2. Have a better understanding of customers’ products and markets, analyze and explore potential consumers and their preferences, and establish marketing strategies and programs based on the overall marketing objectives of customers;
3. Monitor and analyze advertising data, promptly adjust optimization strategies and ways, and achieve marketing objectives;
4. Communicate with customers, explore their demands, provide feedback, and put forward suggestions;
5. Understand industry and media trends, and keep trying new thoughts and strategies.

1. Excellent learning ability, good logical thoughts and data analysis ability; 
2. With strong communication skills and flexible adaptation and good ability to analyze and solve problems independently; 
3. Outstanding time management and execution, be able to control advertising progress;
4. Bachelor’s degree or above, CET-4 or above, good reading and writing ability;
5Proficient use of MS-Office and Excel;
6Have certain understanding and insights on Internet and E-commerce.

Domestic Advertising Optimizer

Job duties: 
1. Establish and implement advertising plans, extract advertising data reports, analyze advertising effects and optimize relevant strategies;
2. Coordinate with advertising materials, assist, track, and optimize the design and establishment of creative advertising;
3. Be sensitive to data, analyze advertising data, and apply the results.

1. Experience in advertising our agents (Oceanengine, Kuaishou, Tencent Social Ads) preferred; 
2. Down-to-earth, responsible, and patient;
3. Proficient English oral/written ability preferred;
4. Bachelor’s degree or above, CET-4 or above, good reading and writing ability;
5Excellent communication and coordination ability, good at learning novel things.

Recruitment Consultation


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