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Eclicktech’s Value

  • Driven by dreams

    We team up with people with dreams.
    The most pleasant thing in the world is fighting for the noble dream

  • Customer-oriented

    Customer value first all the time

  • Team players

    Others can say NO, but we will say YES

  • Pursuit of excellence

    We keep promises and shoulder responsibilities
    Any success today is a minimum requirement tomorrow


Overseas Advertisement Designer

Job duties: 
1. Produce E-commerce advertising materials for Facebook/Google/Tiktok;
2. With good innovation awareness, develop creative strategies and design advertising pictures and videos to attract consumers;
3. Communicate with optimizers and determine the orientation of creative ideas and design details, provide the feedback on material effects and plans on a regular basis;
4. Design materials based on product styles, relevant regions, and platform features, and be responsible for the exposure rates and page views of relevant advertisements;
5. Deal with other work related to artistic design. 

1. Expertise in visual communication/animation; 
2. Proficient use of PS/AI, and certain type setting and color matching ability; 
3. Proficient use of AE/PR, have strong editing and special effect production ability;
4. Have outstanding communication, execution, and teamwork ability;
5Be sensitive to creative ideas, and know how to attract consumers;
6Have passions for design and have certain innovation awareness.

Domestic Advertisement Designer

Job duties: 
1. Produce the short advertising videos of games, tools, social and educational products to be advertised on Tiktok, Kuaishou, and other platforms;
2. Research the features and selling points of mobile Apps and games to produce advertising materials and appealing playing methods;
3. Adjust the perspectives of advertising videos based on optimizers’ feedback and advertising performance to promote advertising effects;
4. Participate in the filming, revision, and editing of video scripts.

1. Good at producing videos and proficient use of Pr, AE, PS, and Ai; 
2. Skilled video editing, be able to finish video editing, special effects, post-production, music, sound effect, and subtitle independently; 
3. Experience in producing App videos for games, tools;
4. Have certain fine arts skills and artistic appreciation ability; have certain ability in writing texts;
5Familiar with domestic short video platforms like Tiktok, Kuaishou, understand these platforms and user features, and have actual experience in video production or filming;
6Be active, precise, careful, responsible, and pioneering.

Recruitment Consultation


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